Berlin Marathon 2021 / Marathon Training Week 7

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 7

How is it possible that we are already into Berlin Marathon training week 7? When I posted my weekly schedule on my Instagram story on Monday, I had a comment saying, ‘I really admire you, I couldn’t run 6 days each week. You’re smashing your plan’. I replied with ‘Not sure I can too!’

Not only was this a lovely comment to receive from a lady I really admire myself, who is also smashing her marathon plan, but it did make me think. I genuinely don’t know if I can run 6 days a week. With the exception on RED January, I have never run with so few rest days and with this intensity. I just have to remember to do what I can and enjoy the process.

If you missed last weeks training recap, click here to read.

Supporting at Race to the Stones


Stats: 4 Miles Easy | Average pace: 10:44 min/miles

Unlike last week, I actually remembered to run today! 4 miles easy so I just jumped on the treadmill to get them banked. My legs felt quite heavy at the start, but as usual eased into the run after the first mile.

Getting the end of my Audiobook Midnight Library, meant that I just switched off and banked the miles. (If anyone hasn’t read/listened to Midnight Library, I would highly recommend it!)


Stats: 1.5 warm up, 8 x 600, with 400 rec. 1.5 cool down | Average pace: 11:05, but the 600’s pace were between 8:12 and 8:56 

Another ‘big’ session, but after last weeks confidence boost, I wasn’t so nervous about this one. I just got my head down, embraced the hard and got it done. My legs felt heavy and the paces were a little slower than last week, but they were still within my 5K-10K pace as prescribed. 

It was another day when I expected the heavens to open and for me to be running in the rain, but it ended up baking hot. The clouds cleared and the sun was hot. I used the same lake to lap as last week (hello local legend!) and decided after the 4th rep to change direction. Great idea for mixing it up, well that was until I was surprised by a lovely headwind!


Stats: 20 Minutes Peloton Ride | 10 minute light weight arms (Peloton Class)

Now that I have only 1 day for rest/cross training, I completed a very light cycle and some arm work. Even though both were short, next week I am going to include these on my light run days and take Wednesday as a complete rest day. 

Being completely honest, I went on the bike as I really wanted to finish the end of my book!


Stats: 1 m warm up, 5 m Tempo, 1 m cool down | Average pace: 9:50 – see below for individual mile splits.

This run took place around lunch time and it was warm. I fancied a different route, as although the lakes are lovely, it becomes a little boring running the same route all the time. The problem I have is that it can be quite undulating around here, so other routes seem daunting for a temp0 run.

But I decided to embrace the undulation and went for it. As always, when the word tempo is included in the title of a run I get nervous. 

Again, as always, I set off too fast. I think I just want to get the session over with! The ‘going too fast’ theme continued for the rest of the run! Ideally I would like my pace to be 9:39 – 10:00 yet my tempo miles were; 9:25, 924, 9:18, 9:13 & 9:02. WTF! Yes, its nice to feel like I am getting faster, but that was not the point of the session.


Stats: 4 Miles Easy | Average pace: DNS

I didn’t feel too great during the morning, it may have been a knock on effect of yesterday’s hard session? Lack of hydration? Lack of fuelling? I’m not sure, but I felt VERY tired and my throat felt swollen. I decided to complete my run later on in the day. 

My husband was away and I had promised to take my daughter shopping after school. As soon as we got in I put my kit on to run on the treadmill. Then the dog required attention, so I sorted him out. Then my daughter needed me and then it got too late. I sorted food and sacked off my run. I felt grumpy and guilty, but then realised that sometimes life happens!


Stats: 6 Miles Easy | Average pace: 11:15 min/miles

Adventure day!! Friends of mine were taking part in Race To The Stones (RTTS) 100 km race, so we went on a road trip to surprise them. Being totally honest, I was worried that the 162 mile round trip was going to scupper my own training plan, but…

We parked up around the 29K point and waited. Luckily Christine had shared her activity with me, so after a 5 minute panic of have we missed them, I logged on to see they were on their way.

It was a strange race to cheer on as there was a constant stream of runners and a few supporters around, but not a lot of noise.

Well, that was until we spotted Julie and Christine. Considering they were 18 miles in, they still looked remarkably fresh!

You can’t help but be totally in awe of all those runners. It was also so nice to be back at a race. It almost felt like old times!

So, did I get my run done? Of course I did. The motivation from seeing some many runners pounding the streets meant that I completed my 6 miles on the treadmill. Not quite the views or distance RTTS, but it was miles banked.



Stats: 10 Miles Long Run | Average pace:

I am a morning runner. The runs where you are up and out before you have even really woken up. It just means that I haven’t had the chance to let negative chat get in my head. Today this wasn’t possible as my husband was still away.

So myself and my daughter planned a lazy Sunday morning, which I was very much looking forward too. Ralph (my dog) had other ideas and was barking at 4:45 am! I got up and let him out and then went back to bed. Broken sleep meant I was still tired when it was time to get up!

As soon as my husband got home I got changed into my kit. I needed to just get this run done. Around 2:30 pm I headed out the door, feeling very under prepared. Attempting 10 miles with no water or gels and little sleep!

Concentrating hard to keep the pace slow and consistent, England Football Anthems were blaring through my headphones. I couldn’t help but smile for a fair bit of this run. Who could believe that England were in the Euro 2020 finals that evening?

Around 7 miles, I felt my energy levels drop and I knew that had I been sensible with hydration and fuelling this probably wouldn’t have happened.

A 9 miles, a quick stop to put a song on. I just wanted to run my last mile to ‘Sweet Caroline’. Another big smile beamed across my face and my pace increased as I imagined Harry Kane lifting the Euro 2020 cup and this song playing with the Wembley crowd going mad!

10 miles completed which I was pleased about. England didn’t win the Euro’s which I was very much less happy about!


Another week in which I didn’t complete it 100%. I am trying not to beat myself up about this. Yes, I need to keep striving for a 100% week and leave these weeks behind me. 

I really need to get better prepared for run and take fluids. It will help during my run but actually with recovery too. I ended up ordering a new pair of trainers as they were reduced in price. Is it me or has the cost of trainers gone up lots?

Also, I am feeling so much better running in my other pair of new trainers. I bought the rose gold colour ones recently. I am trying to alternate between trainers for each run and my ankles and knees definitely ache more when I wear my light green pair. I think the 300 miles mark in the ASICS GT 2000’s is when I start to feel like I need new ones.

I have been wearing the Asics GT 2000’s for a while now, but I am tempted to try something new! Any suggestions?

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