Feature photo showing trainers and week 6 title
Berlin Marathon 2021 / Marathon Training Week 6

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 6

Welcome to Berlin marathon training week 6 round up. How is it week 6 already? The week where training took a massive jump! I certainly feel like marathon training has kicked in big time now! Well, it should have taken a bigger leap than I did. Let me explain.

When I chose the Hansons Plan, I transferred all the sessions into my phone calendar. Printing the plan off and stuck it on the wall. Decided to put an Instagram story post every Monday morning showing the week ahead (make myself accountable) I had it all sorted. So I thought!

So, how the hell did I miss Monday’s session? I took a rest day like all the previous weeks, a mammoth session Tuesday, only to look on Wednesday and realise that Monday shouldn’t have been a rest day! What an idiot. How did I not spot that!

Feature photo showing trainers and week 6 title


Stats: REST



Stats: 1.5 miles warm up, 12 x 400 with 400 recoveries, 1.5 miles cool down | Average pace 10:45 , but 400’s were between 8:14 – 8:52.

Wow, just wow! I’m not sure I have ever completed a 9 mile ‘session’. This session always looked tough on paper, then I did it. Doing it, didn’t feel too bad, but by rep 8 of the 400’s I was ready for them to be over.

Once the session was completed, I felt fooked! I was pleased with myself for completing it, I had my For Goodness Recovery Shake after and then made sure I fuelled well when I got home. As the afternoon wore on, I felt like I had run a marathon! I had a nap, my body ached and I was just shattered! haha

I feel this training plan is certainly going to be teaching me to run on tired legs, well tired everything to be honest!

Run selfie after finishing a tough session.


Stats: 20 Minutes Peloton Ride | 10 minute Arms & Light Weights  (Peloton Class)

After yesterday’s immense session and knowing that tomorrow I have a tempo run, doing too much today was a concern. I know that strength and conditioning is important, but I didn’t want to do anything that meant that my legs were going to be heavy for tomorrows run.

I opted for a 20 minute low impact ride, which still had me sweating lots. I then followed this with a 10 minute arm session. It worked arms and back. Even though the weights were light and the session was only 10 minutes, it was still TOUGH.


Stats: 1 mile warm up, 5 tempo, 1 mile cool down | Average pace: 10 min/miles, but tempo miles were between 9:18 – 9:37

I felt so nervous about this run. I think it has been well over a year, if not two, since I last attempted a tempo session. Having completed lots of easy runs recently, it is very easy for the brain to then tell you constantly, that you are unable to run at the faster pace. Does anyone else’s brain do this to them?

The session had been on my mind since last night. Where shall I do the session? When? What if I can’t run that fast? I had ALL the doubts! I knew that the session had to be completed in the morning, or I would have been stressing about it all day!

I headed to the usual flat path through the  lakes. My one mile warm up was just me having to reassure my brain that I was totally capable of hitting the paces and if I didn’t that was alright as I have time to work on it!

Obviously, I started too quickly! Don’t we all? But the first mile was around the correct pace, the second a little faster, by the third mile I think I wanted it all to be over as I went way too fast. The final two miles of the tempo will still a little on the fast side. These runs really are going to be work in progress, as I really want to nail running these paces, a little more relaxed too!


Stats: 4 miles easy | Average pace – 11:32 min/miles

Nothing pretty about this run, I just needed to get the miles banked. I had my second COVID jab booked for 8:50 am so thought it was best to run early. The idea of getting up early to run was not what I really wanted to do, but sometimes you just have to make things happen!

I opted for the treadmill and the first mile and a bit was a struggle. Everything was tired. But I put on audiobook, I have just started listening to. Matt Haig’s ‘Midnight Library’, and by the 2 mile the legs were on auto pilot. I played with the speed moving it from 8.0 km/h to 8.1 after 1 minute, 8.2 after minutes etc. Then when I get the 9.0, I drop by 0.1 every minute. I just find that this gives me something to focus on and pretty much keeps me in that minute.


Stats: 8 miles easy | DNS

On Friday night, I started to feel very tired and get cold. I guessed it was side effects from the jab, but to be honest it could have also have just been marathon training tiredness too. I went to bed at 8:45 and pretty much fell asleep immediately. I then woke a few times in the night, sweating and feeling VERY hot! I woke in the morning at about 7:30/8 am, but I just still felt tired. I thought about running, knowing that if I didn’t get up and run early I didn’t have any other opportunity that day. 

The mental battle commenced. Was I being lazy? Was I using the jab as an excuse? I then looked at the data from my Whoop band. It registered 9 hours of sleeping, but said I was only 15% recovered. That was all I needed to sack off this run.

Maybe if I didn’t have a Whoop band I would have forced myself out, but the truth is, I know my body and I didn’t feel 100%, so sometimes you have to just believe your gut feelings.


Stats: 8 miles easy | Average pace 11:00 min/miles

Tiredness was still around, but I did feel better. So I opted for a lazy morning. I knew that I had a 2 hour window in the afternoon when my daughter was at swimming when I could run, so that’s what I did.

The weather was so unpredictable and rain had been forecast for most of the day. As I was leaving, the black clouds where gathering. I didn’t take my sunglasses as I assumed it was going to rain the whole run. I planned a route that took my to a tap, so didn’t take a drink as I thought I’d get a drink there.

It didn’t rain, I was re-routed due to an incident, so it was a very hot run and I was very thirsty. Not ideal. Luckily, I did see one of my club mates running and she had to re-route too, so it was lovely to run with someone for part of the run.


  • I really MUST read my training plan more thoroughly.
  • There is no need to beat myself up about missing sessions, it is just as important to listen to your body and rest when needed.
  • I need to get myself a new hydration vest. I have a Nathan backpack, which is good. But I am really fancying a Salomon Vest, as I like the idea of the soft flasks at the front.
  • Gels are going to have to make an appearance again soon, now that the mileage is on the up.
  • Rest, recovery, stretching etc are vital and need to become a habit.

As always, thank you for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you are training for a marathon let me know how it is going. And, lastly if you have any other suggestions for hydration vests, please let me know.

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