Berlin Marathon Week 5 - rularuns
Berlin Marathon 2021 / Marathon Training Week 5

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 5

Welcome to my week 5 round up of Berlin Marathon training. My last week of all the ‘easy’ running before the sessions start! Scary! It’s been quite nice heading out for all easy runs, I’m slightly worried I may have forgotten how to move my legs any faster!

If you missed last weeks recap, this can be found here.

Berlin Marathon Week 5 - rularuns


Stats: Rest day

It always feel a little weird starting a new week with a rest day! But after 4 consecutive days running it is ALWAYS welcomed.


Stats:  5 Miles | Average pace 10:38

Again, mine and Christine’s training plan didn’t match. As my mileage is increasing, hers is decreasing as she is approaching taper time!

But we made it work. I ran down to meet her, so completed 2 miles before even meeting up. We then did 3 miles together, which was always enjoyable. The running seemed to just happen as we were deep in conversation about my work situation.

Marathon Training rularuns


Stats: Rest day

This wasn’t supposed to be a rest day, but it ended up being one. I ventured back into the classroom today, something I kind of hoped wouldn’t happen ever again! But when I got asked if I wanted to go and do a half day supply at one of the nicest schools in the area, I thought why not! There was also a chance that they would want me to do some long time cover from September to Christmas. 

So, as you can imagine the tension of being back in a school and then pretty much being offered a job took me into a little whirlwind. 

I had planned to get on the bike and strength train, but I was exhausted both mentally and physically, so skipped them all.


Stats: 4 miles | Average pace  10:52

My plans to run with Sarah couldn’t happen, so I went over to meet Christine and run with her. It’s always nice to run a different route and she talked all through my previous day with me, helping me make sense of it all. The 4 miles just flew by.


Stats: 5 miles | Average pace 10:25 | 20 minute core workout for runners (Peloton App)

An early alarm to meet with Sue and it was a little de ja vu. It was grey and drizzling exactly like last week! But we chose a different route, a bit more undulating and completed 5 miles before 8 am. The early alarms always feel unpleasant, but ticking off your run early is always worth it! We were a little faster paced than we should have, but with the exception of the first half mile, it all felt easy paced.


Stats: 4 miles | Average pace 10:38

My husband was away for the weekend, so I thought that my weekend runs were going to be on the treadmill. So it was lovely when my sister said that my daughter could stay with her whilst I run. 

I got to run around the lake in the village where my mum and dad used to live. It’s been a long time since I have run here and I loved it. I put my music on and smiled most of the way round, recalling all the happy family memories that we have around the lake.


Stats: 6 miles | Average pace 11:55

This is the run that SO nearly didn’t happen. I felt so rough in the morning. Headache, sore throat and basically like I had been on a huge drinking session. I know a few people that have felt like that recently, so I am not sure if it is something going around.

I left the run until the evening. I decided to attempt it on the treadmill, so I could stop if I didn’t feel good. 

I also opted for a run/walk strategy. There was no point pushing and making myself more ill. Even with the walk breaks, I was still going to be banking 6 miles.

So with 9 minutes running/1 minute walking, taking on fluids at every walk break, I got the run done. I was a little naughty as I topped it up to a 10K, so I could complete my virtual 10K medal.

Running Mr Jones has been running some great virtual events each month, supporting different charities. June was supporting MNDA, so I got myself signed up. Luckily, my marathon plan had a 6 miles run just towards the end of June, so I topped it up a little.

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