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Berlin Marathon 2021 / Marathon Training Week 4

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 4

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How is it possible that I have now finished week 4 of Berlin Marathon training? Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!! If you missed last week, it can be found here.

All the easy miles still and this week was great as I arranged to run with friends for all but one of my runs. Running with friends really does make it more fun and actually feel easier! So thank you to those people that ran with me and if you are local and fancy joining me on any of my runs, please get in contact. I share my plan for the week on my Instagram stories on a Monday morning.

Berlin Marathon Training - Ruth & Ralph
Ralph seems to enjoy joining me for strength sessions


Stats: Rest

My body needed a rest day today!


Stats: 5 Miles Easy |

I was so glad that I arranged to meet Sarah to run with today. The weather was roasting hot and we were meeting at 5:30 pm. I did worry that maybe it would still be too hot, but actually there was a slight breeze too, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it may have been.

The sun just saps my energy, so when we met, we both had a little moan about not wanting to run, but as soon as we got going it was lovely. We ran along the river in Bedford, one of my favourite places to run at the moment (well accessible, as who wouldn’t want to run in Central Park every day??)

At times during the run we had to reign ourselves in as we were creeping just under the 10:33 pace that my easy runs should be at! We finished just before the park, so we could have a gentle stroll back. But five beautiful miles banked!

Now is probably a good time to tell you about some great skincare products that I have started using. Why am I telling you now? Well, as the weather is heating up and we are all getting a sweat on, Pretty Athletic hydrating gel is sweatproof. Sweatproof Neutralising Hydration Gel [AFF Link] They have started to sell products on amazon and they are currently reduced, so I would definitely recommend trying their products.

The product that I used after this run was the Workout Glow: Hyaluronic Vitamin Tonic. [AFF LINK] It comes in a spray bottle and is great to stop that dried-sweat feeling after a run.

Berlin Marathon Training - Ruth & Brems


Stats: 30 Minutes Peloton Ride | 

Saba had shared a low impact ride that she had completed the previous day, so I totally copied her and jumped on the bike for some active recovery. I was still sweating buckets, but it was chilled out music and just a really pleasant class.

I should have followed it with a strength session, but it was late and I was so hot and bothered, so I called it quits. My strength session WILL happen tomorrow.


Stats: 3 Miles Easy | 20 minute Strength for Runners (Peloton Class)

After the school drop off I went to meet Christine. She had 6 miles on her plan, so set off before me and then we ran the bit together. The weather had cooled, it was overcast and drizzly, but very humid.

We had hoped to finish with a tea and Mars Bar (our standard post run fodder) but the cafe didn’t open until 10 am! So disappointing! 

I think my body is over the easy miles (I know I will regret saying this VERY soon) as again we had to reign it in. I was a bit lapse and didn’t really look at my watch too much and the second mile was too fast. But it felt easy and we chatty the whole way round

Berlin Marathon Training - Ruth & Christine


Stats: 3 Miles Easy | Average pace 10:24

This morning I had the joy of running with Sue We had agreed to meet at 7 am and to be honest, if I hadn’t been running with Sue, I know I would still be procrastinating about my run now (Friday 10:05 am) I also would most definitely have run on the treadmill as it is chucking it down outside.

My legs were feeling yesterdays strength session and I thought it was going to be an absolute struggle. As always the first half mile felt hard and my breathing was heavy, but my legs eased into it and I really enjoyed the run. We chatted all the way round, we got soaked and we banked 3 miles before 7:40 am. Perfect.

The pace was a little faster than it should have been, but not too bad. It is funny how this time last year, running 10:33 seemed fast and like hard work. Now, I am having to concentrate to keep the pace slower. I know that as soon as the sessions start, these paces will definitely drop on the easy runs.

Berlin Marathon Training - Ruth & Sue


Stats: 5 Miles Easy | Average pace 11:05

I had arranged to meet with Sarah this morning, but a text to tell me she had fallen down the stairs meant that we had to postpone. She did want to keep the meet up, as she didn’t want to mess with my training, but I persuaded her to rest instead.

I could have got up early and carried on with the plans, but my knee had been a bit niggly, I felt under fuelled and hydrated so decided to push it to later in the day. Well that was the plan. 

When my husband said that he would do an All Day Breakfast for lunch, I jumped straight on the treadmill! I knew that a run followed by that for lunch was just my favourite! I remember my training for London Marathon and finishing all my runs at David Lloyd to swim with my husband and daughter, followed by a full english breakfast. I used to look forward to that food from about half way through the run!

Anyway, I digress. I hopped on the treadmill as I thought that if the knee played up at all, I could hop off at anytime. My knee pulled at the start, but then eased off as the run went on. I kept the pace very easy, but then needed to play with the speed a bit for the last 2k just to keep my mind engaged. I still kept the paces within my easy pace range thoug.


Stats: 4 Miles Easy | Average pace 10:48

Today was a tough day. I think I had been getting myself worked up about this day for the last few weeks. It’s Father’s Day in England today and that is always a tough day. My dad may have died back in 2010, but I still miss him every day and day’s like today just make me grieve for the memories we missed out on making too.

On top of that, today should have been my mum’s 70th birthday. Neither of my parents made it to their 70th birthday! The pain is still quite raw when I think of missing my mum, she was such a rock for me.

I decided not to get up early for my run, but planned to do it whilst my daughter was swimming. The weather wasn’t so pleasant, so after dropping her off I headed onto the treadmill. My motivation to complete the run was low, but I am learning that motivation isn’t what you always need. Motivation waivers, so you need discipline, goals, targets and a ‘Why’. Luckily I have all of those, so the 4 miles were completed and banked.

And finally...

Next week is my last week of all easy miles, so I am going to enjoy the pace, as I know that I will be craving it when all the sessions kick in. 

My strength & conditioning will continue and I think I need to keep a track of fuel too. It’s easy to think that training for a marathon is just about running!

To top it all off, this pandemic means I may not even get to run this race! It’s a massive rollercoaster of emotions, but I can’t control that, so I am just going to keep on training and see what happens!

Have you started training for an autumn marathon? What one? Let me know below how it’s going.

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