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Berlin Marathon 2021 / Marathon Training Week 3

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 3

So last week we said goodbye to the 3 miles and this week was all about the 4! 4 x 4 miles and 1 x 5 mile run this week. I am pleased to report that I am still keeping up with the strength and cross training, which I am super happy with. 

Blog Feature Photo - Rularuns


Stats: 20 Minutes Peloton Ride | 10 minutes Yoga | 15 minutes stretching

I’m yet to find a peloton bike class that does not have me sweating buckets. Even choosing a 20 minute class was extremely hardwork. Biking isn’t my strength and having had a week off the bike didn’t help, but I was glad I did it, once it was over.

I then used the Peloton App to do some Yoga, which was lovely as it seemed to be a lot of lying down! My legs were feeling quite tired so I decided to follow a stretching class too. It’s main focus was on the hip area and it was very much needed.


Stats: 4 Miles Easy | Average pace 10:23

For the first time in a while, myself and Christine’s plan seemed to almost match, so we finally got to run together. Her plan said 5k, mine 4 miles. Quite bizarre having to run further than her, when she is logging huge mileage at the moment.

My mileage is relatively low at present, but my legs were feeling super tired this morning. It’s funny the impact on just upping the frequency of runs and the additional cross training at the moment is having.

The weather was gorgeous and the miles just ticked over. It was a little faster than it should have been, but I think we just got a bit carried away chatting and catching up.


Stats:  Rest


Stats: 4 Miles Easy | Average pace 10:52 

I had one of those mornings where I got myself into my running kit early but then procrastinated a lot. I couldn’t decide what route to run, where to start. The weather has been quite hot, so I thought going out early would be good. 

But I haven’t been great with fuelling and I felt hungry and tired. I sat around, beating myself up about not getting out and running. After eating something, I ended up jumping on the treadmill. I just wanted to get it done and out of the way.

I know lots of people hate the treadmill, but I love it for just being able to switch off and run.

I attempted to do some strength work too, but my dog had other ideas! Lying on the floor for puppies just means playtime, so I gave in.


Stats: 4 Miles Easy | Average pace 10:23 | 10 mins core for runners | 10 minutes chest and back (Peloton App)

I felt  tired today! I was so happy that I had arranged to meet with a friend to run. I know that solo this run would have been SO much harder. Myself and Susan hadn’t seen each other for a long time (thanks pandemic) so we ran and chatted all the way round. The miles ended up flying by and the pace was actually a little faster than they should have been!

I finally got my strength work completed from yesterday. 10 minutes core for runners and 10 minutes chest and back session both from the Peloton App.


Stats: 4 Miles Easy | Average pace 10:48

An early start to meet Brems this morning was the order of the day. As much as I want to stay in bed, getting up and out early is so good once it’s over, especially as the weather is warm at present.

I was keen to keep an eye on the pace today as it is important to keep these easy runs EASY. My body was aching from the strength work yesterday and it was heating up. Without actually meaning too, we ran a progression run, but very much within the easy run range which was good.


Stats: 5 Miles Easy | Average pace 11:11

Today is my nephew’s birthday and we have a day with the family planned, so another early alarm. Well, actually that is a lie as I didn’t set an alarm, I just knew I would be awake. I’m not sure I remember the last time that I slept in past 8 am. 

I knew that I was going to be pushed for time, so I jumped on the treadmill. Crazy considering the weather is so lovely at the moment, but today was just about banking the miles.

I decided to help me pass the time I would catch up on Kelly’s Vlogs. I watched 2 and then moved on to Matt’s marathon Vlog. I can’t help but be motivated by the two of them. they work so hard and always seem to have fun with it too. If you haven’t watched any of their Vlogs I would definitely recommend. 

The first mile was a bit of a slog and then the miles ticked by okay. It was hot and sweaty, so I was glad when it was completed but another week completed!

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