Berlin Marathon Training - Week 1
Berlin Marathon 2021 / Marathon Training Week 1

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of my Berlin Marathon journey, only 17 more weeks to go!! I’ve never completed an 18 week plan before, so this has been a very gentle easing into marathon training. The mileage hasn’t been high, there hasn’t been any sessions, but it has been a very solid building block.This week was about shifting the mindset and getting the structure needed to complete a marathon training cycle. Planning the runs and workouts rather than just hoping to slot them in. Thinking and planning ahead. Making the running and plan just edge up the list of MUST DO things. This week also eased my body into doing strength sessions along side my running. I am determined to keep this up; to stay injury-free but to also just assist running.

I feel I kind of write these blog posts for me (selfish I know, get a diary!) but if I can ever make them useful to other runners too, please let me know. If you have specific questions, please leave a comment. Obviously I can only answer from my own experience.


Stats: 30 Minutes Peloton Ride | 20 minute Strength for Runners (Peloton Class)

It was quite a weird feeling, starting a new training cycle with a non-running day! In the past I would have sat back and been lazy, but this year is different. The running is very important, but all the additional things can make a huge difference. So today I jumped on the Peloton bike and did a 30 minutes cycle and then followed that with a strength for runners session.

I chose the beginner class as I didn’t want a repeat of last week when even the 10 minute strength session made running difficult. I need to build the strength sessions slowly, otherwise it will be too easy to skip it as the running is more important,

Having the peloton app is excellent as the session are easy to follow and accessible


Stats: 3 Mile Easy run – Average pace 10:46 | 10 minute foam rolling | 10 minute stretching

Three miles at easy pace how lovely! But for some reason I felt nervous. I do love sharing my journey on Social Media and here, but sometimes I think that makes me have these moments. Where I worry that I can’t do it, or that something will go wrong. So after a little, ‘get a grip moment’ the run took place exactly as it should have; relaxed, enjoyed and with a smile on my face. I was very conscious of the pacing and to keep it easy. I wanted to stick around 10:45 pace and the average pace was 1 second out!

When I got home I used the Peloton App to complete a foam rolling class and some stretches. If you have the App, check out Hannah Corbin as she has lots of foam rolling classes.


Stats: 15 minute Core for Runners (Peloton Class) | 20 minute Chest and Back Strength (Peloton Class)

A non-running day, which felt very bizarre as Wednesday has been my most active day for the past year. Mainly this is because I run with Christine on a Wednesday, but being on different training plans, we couldn’t get them to fit this week!

I feel like I am going to be mentioning Peloton a lot during this marathon cycle – sorry not sorry! The classes are just so accessible and I am going to be making full use of them. The core class surprised me, as I was better than I thought I would be! Don’t get me wrong, when I say better, it’s still shocking and I have a lot of work to do, but I did have SOME muscles to engage in my core, so that was a win!

The chest and back class was with fairly light weights as I want to ease my way into the strength work. They may have been lightish, but I could feel it after!



Stats: 3 miles Easy Run | Average pace 10:30

The sun was actually shining today, so I got the session completed early. My husband took my daughter to school and I ran my 3 miles down to the local lakes. He met me there with the dog, so that after my run we could walk the dog, have a coffee (well, tea for me!) and then I got a lift home too! The route is pretty much downhill from my house, hence the lift home, so I had to keep an eye on the pace and not get too carried away.

I am currently listening to the David Goggins You Can’t hurt Me book on audiobook. So fully engrossed in this book, the miles just flew by.


Stats: REST DAY  


Stats: 3 Mile Easy Run  | Average pace 10:43

Childcare meant that this run had to take place on the treadmill. I don’t mind that treadmill, but it was a little harder bearing in mind that the sun was finally making an appearance in England for the first time in what feels like quite a while. Luckily, it was only a three mile easy run and with my audiobook playing it was fairly pleasant. I have been listening to David Goggins, You Can’t Hurt Me, which I would highly recommend. It’s a long audiobook but really good! It was a hot and sweaty but it got the job done.


Stats: 4 Mile Easy Run  | Average pace 10:37

Starting training as the world is opening back up means juggling again, and this run meant a that I had set off early. We were staying at families and I set my alarm for an early and luckily I was awake. So, I went off exploring. I have run a route from their house before and was pretty sure that I could remember the route. What I had forgotten was how undulating it was! It was fairly fresh and I could actually see my breath in the air. But there were very few people around and it was really lovely run. It was actually quite nice not to be running 3 miles again. This run was 4 miles and I felt like I could have carried on.

So, that was week 1 ticked off and it was pretty good. All runs were easy runs and the mileage was not high, so I know that things will only be getting harder from now on!

An average runner that has found a passion for running and raising money/awareness for MNDA. I have completed London, New York, and Chicago marathons. I am tempted to go for the Six-Star finishers medal, running all the World Marathon Majors, but that's a dream in progress.

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