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ASICS London 10k – Race Recap

Race Information:

  • Date: 21st July 2019
  • Start Time: 9:30
  • Entry: Enter on their website. It did sell out about 4 weeks prior to race.
  • Cost: £50
  • Race Website: www.virginsport.com
  • Race Mementos: Medal, t-shirt, a goody bag and another bag which you had to use for bag drop.
  • Course: The course is very flat and in the heart of London. It starts on Picadilly, but after bag drop they walk you along the Mall and then along the perimeter of Green Park to get to the start. It’s a really pretty walk. The course has lots of out and backs, which I know some people dislike. I LOVE them, as I love watching other runners.
Route map of ASICS London 10K
Route taken from my Garmin Connect
  • Elevation: Flat. It has real PB potential, although the tight turns will effect pace.
Elevation map of ASICS London 10K
This look deceiving, but check the scale
  • Other information: Although the ASICS London 10K is expensive (I had to think twice before entering, and I know lots that didn’t because £50 for a 10K IS expensive) I would def consider it again. It’s just such a nice atmosphere. There are so many bands and music venues on the course. The t-shirt, medal and goody bag are very nice. Also, if you are the kind of person that buys race photographs (and they can be expensive!) this race gives them to you free. So, I suppose your race entry is paying for race photos upfront too.

My Race:

I signed up for the ASICs London 10K, without actually really thinking about the fact that I would be deep in marathon training. I was lucky that it ended up falling on a drop back week and when I was originally talking to my coach he said he thought I’d need to do a run around 8 miles. Perfect I thought, 2 miles warm-up and then race.

Even though I dread my tempo runs, I have actually been feeling ok in them, so there was a little part of me that thought I could maybe aim for a PB in this race. Exciting!

Then the day prior on a run, I had a little bit of a funny turn. I felt lightheaded and dizzy. I hadn’t been feeling too great the week before. Well that put a spanner in the works. Still I thought I may be able to run fast. Typical runner! Then I missed my train, after getting up at 5 AM to get an early train. I was stressing as I thought I would miss the bag drop and the start.

Start of ASICS London 10K
Pen D

When I got to bag drop it was still open, there were lots of people behind me and I had plenty of time. Making my way to the start pen, I thought I may have to start further back. I was one of the early ones in the pen!

A message came through wishing me luck and I replied that I didn’t know how to approach the race. It then dawned on me, this wasn’t my A race! It was hot, I hadn’t been too well, I still had many weeks of training to put in, why would I jeopardise it now. So that was it, this race was to be part of my long run and even though I knew I would struggle to stick to long-run pace (I can’t help but be competitive) I was just going to enjoy it.

I started with the quick runners, so it was quite hard to hold myself back. Also, a little soul destroying with everyone streaming by, but I told myself not to worry.

I always think about videoing and taking photos in races, but in reality I am pushing too hard to think about getting my phone out. Well, today was different. I made myself slow down and get my phone out. The atmosphere was incredible so I wanted to take it all in.

I was lucky enough to Robin and Al on the course which was really nice seeing some friendly faces. I think I smiled all the way round (not the race photographs ever show this)

It didn’t seem as crowded as it has in past years. They had plenty of water stations on the course. The whole race was plastic bottle free, so water was given in cups, which I didn’t mind as I just walked when drinking, but if you were going for a PB, this may have been different. It was a hot day, so there were mist showers on the course to cool you down too. There was also nice amount of supporters out on the course cheering the runners on.


  • I LOVE running in London.
  • Out and backs are good for me. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I love watching runners on the other side of the road.
  • My Gin Stitch running skirt was SO lovely to run in.

Less Positive:

  • Cost of entry
  • Having to get up SOOO early to get to the race – not the organiser’s fault, stupid trains!
  • The queue to collect t-shirts was rather LONG. I sneaked ina different way, otherwise I think I could have been there for at least an HOUR!

If you haven’t already, check how this race fitted in with my Chicago Marathon Training, by checking out Week 4 of training.

Did you race the ASICS London 10K? What did you think? Let me know your thought below.

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