11 weeks to go…

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are being ticked off. I am glad to report that last week was back to being another 100% week! Wahooo It was all about the treadmill too! I completed 3 of my 4 runs on the treadmill, and it was actually ok. I definitely run slower on my treadmill and find it much harder! Is that just me? Or does anyone else find it harder on a treadmill?

When I followed a marathon plan last year, I was very strict and tried very hard to follow it exactly. This year, I have been a little more flexible with it and I am trying to go with what feels right. Getting the opportunity to run with my friend a few weeks ago, meant I covered a longer run than the plan suggested. Last week, I had the 10K race, so didn’t quite follow the plans recommended time and then I adapted my long run this week too. The plan said 90 minutes, but I just felt I wanted to do more. I am doing Brighton Half in 2 weeks and I think I just needed to reassure myself I could go the distance!

One of the things I most dislike about marathon training, is the early weekend get ups – not the getting up to run, but to force breakfast down early, so that it will be digested in time to run! So my alarm went off a 6am on Sunday morning, and I REALLY did not want to get up! I rolled out of bed, and consumed my porridge and drink. I then lay on the sofa trying to fall back to sleep. Forcing the breakfast down was not a good idea, as it actually made me feel really sick. My OH suggested that I give the run a miss if I wasn’t feeling good, but all I could think was I hadn’t got up that early for nothing!

I waited longer than normal, and then set off. I had mentally told myself that I cold walk if I needed too – I always find this takes off the pressure I put on myself. It was a gloriously sunny day, and I headed off with Marathon Talk, jelly babies and a vague idea of a route! I  ended up clocking up 12.3 miles. I did walk every three miles to take on fluid, as I wasn’t organised enough to have my hydration pack all sorted!

My running route had taken me away from my home, but I thought that was ok, as I would just call me husband to pick me up. At mile 9, when I took my walk/drink break, my podcast had just finished, and I thought I’ll call now. Can you imagine my horror, when I dialled the number, and the phone went dead! Being my organised self (NOT) I hadn’t even taken any money! I had a short moment when I thought that this run was going to end up an 18 mile run instead! Luckily I found a couple that were out walking their dog, so explained my problem and they let me use their phone! Phew! I know that I am not ready for 18 miles just yet!

Sorry for the lack of photos, but my view from the treadmill isn’t too exciting, and my dead phone battery stopped photos from Sundays run!

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Happy Running…..

So, weekly stats – Total mileage for the week19.25 miles

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