Welcome to the Rularuns blog. I am a marathon runner who loves to talk EVERYTHING running. I have run 7 marathons and my dream is to one day become a World Marathon Major Six-Star Finisher.

This blog mostly documents my running journey and the training that I undertake. I suppose it is like and online diary. I also love writing race recaps, but whilst races were on hold for a while, I started a series called “Getting to know…‘ where I interviewed other members of the amazing running community. I really enjoyed doing this, I think it is because I am nosey! 

I am passionate about fundraising too. Two charities very close to my heart are Motor Neurone Disease Association and The British Heart Foundation. You can read why these two charities here. I have raised over £10,000 so far.

I hope you enjoy reading all my ramblings and please feel free to interactive with the posts. Leave comments or get in contact here or via my social media channels. I love connecting with like minded people.

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