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I am very keen to raise vital funds for MNDA, but I am also very keen not just ask people to hand over their hard earned cash. So many people, have reasons to support charities, and the constant barrage of links to fundraising pages can sometimes mean they are overlooked. Thats why I have tried very hard to run competitions. If those donating have a chance to get something back, I think it is nicer. This means that I have to rely on companies to donate, and I have been very fortunate that there are some really generous companies, and this competition is no different.

I first became aware of Tribesport through Jantastic. Jantastic is the free motivational fitness challenge that runs January through to March. On signing up, I clicked the link taking me through to the logo’d kit. I knew straight away that I had found the Christmas present for my cousin Katie (She blogs over at Running with Ghost) She rivals me each year on Jantastic, and it does keep us going through the winter months.

Katie modelling her Jantasic top

An action shot before we set off on our 20 mile run!
The purchase was easy, as I loved the fact that they accept PayPal. I find purchasing things so easy with Paypal, as all my details are already stored! The delivery was prompt, and I had to have sneaky look before I wrapped the top up. I must admit that I was very tempted to keep it – lucky she is a couple of sizes smaller than me!

Having felt the material, and looking at the design, I wanted to purchase one for myself, it was so smooth and seamless – but to be honest, I couldn’t justify buying more kit – I already have more running kit than work and casual clothes put together! When I DO purchase new kit, I am definitely going to be purchasing some Tribesport kit.


I asked Katie what she thought of the top, she said ‘it was super comfy and breathable, especially on long runs.’ I love the fact the tops are long bodied too. Being super impressed with the kit, I did a little more research into the company. Tribesport is a collaborative company that relies heavily on community input to make the best possible performance wear. Its amazing, why wouldn’t you ask the sporting community what they would like to wear!

I could continue to rave about them, as I have discovered a whole community, and I love the companies ethos, but I think I might have to do that in another post, as we need to get back to your chance of wearing some of their kit.


So, Tribe Sport have offered to give me a £50 gift voucher to raffle off, and I am again very jealous that I can’t enter my own competition! All you have to do it donate to my fundraising page (link here), leaving your email address and writing Tribesport in the comment box too. For every £1 donated, I will email you with your raffle number. So, if you were to donate £10, you would be allocated 10 numbers. I will use a random number generator to select the winner. I will complete the draw on Saturday 25th April.

Please feel free to share the competition with friends and family, as I think this is a great prize to win

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