Who’d have thought….

…that I could be so excited over a 1.83-mile jog!!! So I went out again today to try out my orthotics. Choosing to walk the first part of my route, partly to avoid having to run up the slight incline outside my house, but also to take things easy and see how my feet felt. By the top of the hill, I was desperate to start running, so I thought, take it easy and stop when you need too. 1.83 miles later I was back at home!!

This run has made me realise why I love running so much. Even with the nights being dark and the weather heading towards freezing, it felt great to be outside and running. Smiling with each step that I took. I thought about all the training that I am about to embark on in the lead up to London. Can you believe that I am actually looking forward to it? (I am going to have to read this back, around the end of Feb, when I am tired and struggling to stick with my training plan!)

One of my downfalls of late is not stretching. I have read so many times how important this is, especially when training for a marathon! And, even though I haven’t actually started my plan (and won’t until the 23rd December) I am determined to make stretching a habit! So I am using the Nike Training Club App and completing the Kara Goucher’s Pro Running Stretches – I know I’m not a Pro, but I think it’s ok for me to do them!!! On the days that I have not run, I am doing Shawn Johnson’s stretches on the app. So far so good!

The test now is going to be how my feet respond tomorrow. Fingers crossed, as I really want to be able to run again this week…

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