What can possibly go wrong??? Race Day Disasters

Most people plan ‘Race Day’ with military precision. It’s vital that everything runs smoothly. We follow training plans to ensure that we peak at the right moment, we practice our routines; pre-race food, nutrition during the race, the pace at which we are going to run. We know our travel arrangements, the same way an expectant fathers knows the route to the local hospital. With all the planning, things still go wrong! So let me share one of my race day disasters

So, firstly let me set the scene. This was my first EVER race, and let’s just say that the above didn’t apply to me, so much of what I am going to recall is totally my own doing!

I was still playing basketball, so any running that I did, was purely to get fit for my sport. A teammate asked our whole team if we would like to get involved in a ‘Fun Run’ as she was raising money for a charity. “It’s only 5k”, she said. “We won’t have to train for it, we’ll all be ok with that!”

So my friend Stacey and I agreed to do it. On the day of the run, we made our way up to London, as the run was taking place in Victoria Park. We had left nice and early, just in case we got lost, but our navigation skills were good, and we got to the edge of the park early.

So, what do you do when you are early? Well, we thought it was a good idea to sit in the pub opposite the park. Not a bad idea, but the 2 pints of lager I consumed, was probably not my best idea.

Photo Credit: www.unsplash.com Paloma A @speakandfun

Time passed quickly as we chatted away, and before we knew it, there were only 15 minutes until the run started. That’s fine we thought, it’s just across the road. We could see the park entrance from where we were sitting! So, off we trundle to the entrance, through the gate, and…

Where was the start? The park was huge, I’d never been to Victoria Park before, and for some reason thought it was a going to be a small park. We started walking, then a little faster, then a jog, we could see everyone lined up ready to start in the distance, but they were all facing us; cue sprint! We ran into the hall chucked our bags down, picked up the race bib. Why does it say 5-mile race? Yep, that’s right, it’s a 5-mile race, not 5K!

We frantically tried to attach our bib numbers to our tops, as we ran out to the start. I was puffing and panting as we stopped at the back, seconds later the gun went and we were off! I was shattered before we had even started the race!

We completed the run, and I can still remember the runners high I got after the race, and even though I was shattered, I can recall telling Stacey, I want to do more races, I want to do a half marathon, one day I want to run the London Marathon! Little did I know then, I would and I would be part of a running club too.

So, what are your race days disasters? Comment below and let me know. 

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