Wellingborough 5 Miles – Race Recap

I know, it’s like buses!! I don’t race/blog for a while and then two come along in one week! Blame my club, as they have two club champ races in one week. So, if I’m going to delay my holidays for a race, I might as well do both of them!

My niece and nephew held their annual #twinfest to celebrate their 5th birthday, so I was actually camping all weekend. I did wonder whether I would make the race, as I knew the celebration may involved some alcohol. Well, I was a very good girl and only had one beer on Saturday. The weather was pretty shocking, so I retired to bed very early, just to keep warm. This all sounds good, but I had a pretty shocking nights sleep, so when my alarm went off at 6:30am, I wasn’t so keen on running!

Date: 29th July 2018

Time: 10:30am

Weather: So after all this lovely weather we have been experiencing, the weather was wet, windy and a the start cold!

Course: Having never run this race before I didn’t really know what to expect, but was actually pleasantly surprised. The starting/finishing road was closed to traffic, but the rest of the roads were still open to traffic, although they were very quite country roads. The course took you out from HQ and then roughly a 3 mile loop that took you through a very pretty village, and then back. The course is pretty flat, a small incline through the village and a few inclines on the road, but nothing too bad.

My race: I wasn’t feeling in tip top condition and really just wanted to run this race sensibly. I was running with my friend ‘Larks’ and she is naturally faster than me, so I was worried about going off too fast. We kept saying that we had to start slowly, but the competitors in us never lets this happen. We ran mile 1 in 9:16. This worried me slightly, but I didn’t feel too bad. I thought keep at this pace or slightly slower and I should be fine. Well, then a lady passed us, who Larks did not want to be beaten by, so we sped up a little. Mile 2 was 9:02! I just kept thinking get to half way and then it’ll be mentally easier. Mile 3 was 9:13. The end of the third mile and into mile 4 was an incline, that actually took it out of my legs. I had tried to positively tell Larks that we needed to relax through mile 4 and push for the last mile. There wasn’t much relaxing going on through mile 4, I was just working hard to hang on. Mile 4 was 9:25. I felt like I was fading during the last mile, and was so relieved when I saw the finish. But to my surprise the last mile was my fastest in 8:47. Myself and Larks clocked the exact same time, finishing in 45:52. That was quicker than I thought I would do it in, so I was happy with that.

Lessons learned: I am enjoying racing again, and I need to book more for this year, and try to get to Parkrun more.


  • Local race and a really nice course. Mears Ashby is a really pretty village that you go through.
  • Good value for money. Well organised
  • Running the entire thing with Larks
  • Having a big turn out from my club again was really nice. It makes the start and finish so much more enjoyable.
  • Really encouraging and friendly marshals throughout the course. (I’m not just saying this because Mary @Ahealthiermoo was one of the marshals 😉


  • I would have preferred to have a race t-shirt or medal rather than a polo shirt.
  • I don’t think there were any official photographers – I know they are always awful, but who doesn’t like looking at themselves and having a giggle!

So, I’m off now to book more races, anyone have any recommendations?

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