Week One

So, week one is nearly complete. I was so glad, maybe a little relieved, that my training plan finally started on Tuesday. Relieved, as I think I am good at sticking to plans – it stops me making excuses, it makes me find the time to fit in the run. When I have a plan, I can justify setting the alarm at ridiculous o’clock, I can force myself out in the evening when I am tired, and the excuses I made at the back-end of 2014 seem to disappear.

My plan started with a 20 minute run. The weather was freezing, it was my first full day back at work after the Christmas break, and I left work as soon as I could. My plan was to run whilst it was still light and before I had to pick up my daughter from Pre-school – it was a great plan and I was so exited to get started! As I drove home from work, plotting my route in my head (I’m now living in a different area, so I don’t yet have any go to routes!) I got a text from my husband. He was ill and I had to collect our daughter. I now feel guilty to write, but I was slightly mad! How could he be ill, I had a PLAN!!! So my first run, finally happened at 8.30pm in the dark.

After not really having run too consistently since London, I really have no idea how I’m going to feel starting this plan. I really enjoyed the first run, and Wednesday’s 30 minute run too. I actually started to fill like a runner again. Friday’s run was a little more difficult to fit in. My daughter started her swim classes, so my only way to fit in my run was on the ‘dreadmill’. It wasn’t ideal, but I got the run in! So far, 3 out of 4 runs completed.

Tomorrow sees the start of the long run! Sunday = Long run day. I have to complete 60 minutes. It will be the longest that I have run in a while. It’s amazing how much psychology plays a part in your training. I have run for 60 minutes many times before, but still I can’t stop my mind playing tricks on me. What if I can’t run for 60 minutes anymore? What if I have to walk? What if I don’t enjoy it? Ridiculous! Who cares if any of those happen! I can walk, I’ll still enjoy it!

Oh well, as the training builds up, I know my confidence will grow too, and hopefully the negatives thoughts will go too!

Anyone else struggle with negativity?

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