Week 6 – London Marathon Training


Away at the moment, so just a quick update from last week!

Monday – rest

Tuesday – was supposed to do 40 minutes, but only managed 20 on the treadmill before work! (Husband was away!!)

Wednesday – speed work – 10 minutes warm up, 60 secs fast, 2 minutes jog x 8, 10 minutes cool down. Couldn’t wait to check speed when I got home!! Legs felt like lead, so wasn’t expecting anything fast!! Didn’t set Garmin up correctly, so have no idea of pace as it didn’t track distance! Doh!

Thursday – rest

Friday – tempo run. Completed on treadmill, 10 minutes warm up, 5 min tempo, 5 mins steady x3, 10 minutes cool down. Completed tempo sections at 9.30 pace, so happy with that.

Saturday – rest.

Sunday – Long run – 10 miles. Really wasn’t up for it, legs felt heavy until about 5 miles in. Wanted to give up every minute up until about 7 miles, then at 9 miles, couldn’t wait for it to be over!! But done and dusted. One to week 7!

Some sponsorship money started to come in this week, so that was very exciting and motivating!


Week 7 will end with Brighton half. Anyone else collecting bling this weekend?

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