Week 4 of Marathon Training

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Week 4, and I’m sad to say that I no longer have a 100% record! Last weeks snow, my wedding anniversary and generally feeling a little low, meant that I missed one of my runs! Boo!  Sad Face 🙁 Oh well, not much I can do about it now – onwards and upwards! Here is what I did do this week: Tuesday – 3.55 miles in 36:22 mins ~ Average pace 10.14 Min/Miles Wednesday – 20 Minutes on treadmill whilst waiting for my niece. Then 3.91 miles outside with my niece (she cycles to keep me company!) in 40:45 minutes. So in total 60 minutes and covered 5.6 miles ~ Average pace 10:43 Min/Miles.


My training partner – we had to take about 20 pictures as I looked awful in them all, and wasn’t too good at taking the pic!! Kyah took charge in the end!

Sundays long run, was replaced with a 10K race. London Winter Run 10K Race report will follow soon. I ran to the start line, 0.5 miles, then my Garmin recorded the following stats:


Haven’t registered 9:xx minute/miles for a long time!

My official time was 1:0025. No where near a PB, but the fastest miles I have put in for a long time, and the bling was lovely! IMG_5321 Total Mileage this week: 15.92 miles I really feel like I need to be upping my weekly mileage, but this week is my step back week. I think my body needs it too! What is everyone else’s weekly totals?

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