Week 3 in progress

So pretty much as I expected and anticipated, fitting in training whilst working is hard, but I am glad to report that so far I have completed 3 of my runs this week, and plan to fit in my long run on Saturday morning.

Monday: Recovery Run –  6:00am wake up to complete my recovery run – it was only 15 minutes, but it was so hard. Trying to get my legs to move so early in the morning, and the day after my long run was tough. Interestingly, I ran my normal route, but I felt so much more vulnerable running in the dark, on my own in the morning. I was in High Vis clothing and didn’t wear earphones, but I felt myself looking over my shoulder more times than normal!

Tuesday: Tempo Run – I decided that I was going to do this run after work. It was so hard to get out of the house after a busy day at work. It didn’t help, that I couldn’t find any of my running tights – they were all in the wash! I ended up having to wear a pair of old ones that didn’t have a tie around the waist! When I finally got myself out of the door, my Garmin wouldn’t find any satellites! I decided to set off, hoping my Garmin would start working en route. After running for about 10 minutes, constantly pulling up my tights, and pulling my top down, I decided to stop! I turned my Garmin off, stretched and re-set it. I was considering giving up and jogging home. When I turned my Garmin on, it worked, so that was that, my tempo run was back on. 10 minutes fast, 2 mins recovery, 10 minutes fast and then cool down. Once, I had finished the run, I was glad that I had completed it, but tempo runs are tough. I managed to average around 9.20 mm, so I was pretty pleased with that.

Thursday: Hard run – Again, my alarm was set for 6.00am, as I decided to do this run as part of my run commute. Once I was at work, I tweeted that ‘Intervals were not my friend’. I seem to have two gears, slow and flat out. I had to run hard for 3 minutes, jog 3 minutes and repeat 4 times. I’m not sure if it was the time of the run or knowing that hard reps of running were coming, but even the warm up felt a struggle. As soon as my Garmin buzzes, I push hard. Too hard though, as I blow out after 1 and a 1/2 minutes. I could have beat myself up about this, but decided to look at it as ‘I have never done any form of speed training before, so any kind of intensity has to be good.’ The other 3 reps pretty much followed the same format, but I did try to push to run for 2 minutes.

Sunday I have a run of 1 hour and 30 minutes planned. I am considering getting up early and running to Bushy Park, that should take me about an hour, then completing the Parkrun for the final 30 minutes. I am thinking that the motivation of running the final 30 minutes with other people around, will help me keep to a decent pace – my competitive nature kicks in!

My nutrition is still concerning me – I am hungry all the time, and I’m not very good at making the correct choices! Every time I run, I think to myself ‘This would be easier if I wasn’t carrying around this extra weight.’ Then I get home and reach for everything and anything within my sight! I really wish I had the money to work with a nutritionist. I know its lazy, but I would love to work with someone who tells me what to eat and when! Now I have written that down, I realise how pathetic that sounds! I just need to educate myself and get organised! 

How is everyone else’s training going?

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