Week 3 complete

The alarm went off at 6.15am on a SATURDAY!! Normally I would not be happy, but actually it wasn’t so bad! I got up early as I wanted to try and have breakfast before my run, but as I wanted to start about 7.15/7.30, i still didn’t leave enough time! Instead I had a banana around 7, loaded my back pack with Lucozade and put my jelly babies in my pocket! I have used gels in the past, well, for my first ever half, but I tried them again last week and they made me feel sick! So I decided to try jelly babies.

I headed out as it was just getting light. I was heading to my local park run, as I had decided that I could tag that on to the end of my long run. When I head on long runs, I listen to Marathon Talk, I love this podcast. People must think I am strange, as I often smile to myself, mostly when Tony’s Trials is on, whilst running along.

By the time I had covered 5 miles I was at Hampton Court Bridge and greeted by the most amazing weather! I’m not usually very good at stopping to take photographs, but I had to, as it was so pretty!




During my run, I sipped on Lucozade Sport every mile, and had a jelly baby at 3 miles, and 5 miles. I arrived at Parkrun at about 8.30am, so I had to keep jogging around a bit, as I was concerned that I would get cold. By the time Parkrun started I had completed 6 miles. It felt a little weird starting a Parkrun, and not pushing my speed. Usually its an attempt at a PB, but this one was just to enjoy and complete my final 3 miles of my long run. It was a lovely day, but the ground was a little muddy and there were a number of times, I worried that I was going to hit the deck!

As I suspected my competitive nature got the best of me, and my final 3 miles were much faster minute/miles, than any of the first 6! My first 6 were all around 10.20 minutes per mile. My last 3 were 9.57, 9.42 and finishing with 9.40! I’m pretty happy with that – its amazing how your pace picks up when you are around much faster runners. Just I was contemplating a fast(ish) finish, Cassie, from the Run Mummy Run group ran up beside me. I was wearing my new compression socks that I purchased from them, so as soon as she spotted them, she was determined to make me push to the end. Even when I tried to make the excuse ‘I’ve run 6 miles before this’ I had no choice I was sprinting (again ish!) to the end. The best line Cassie said to me was ‘You have to earn those socks’ I think I’ll remember that every time I wear them!



The compression socks were lovely to wear, and today my legs have felt really good – not sure if this is down to the socks, but??? I have bought another pair too, and I am really looking forward to wearing them.

The Run Mummy Run group, is a great group to be part of. The chatter on Facebook is always good to read, and so motivational. Even though the title suggests you have to be a mummy, this isn’t the case. You can request to join if you are a women and you run! I would highly recommend it!

I completed my recovery run today, as I have a pretty hectic week coming up. I decided to try out my new running backpack I just purchased from Sports Direct. I read about these bags in another blog, and when I went on to Sports Direct website they had been reduced, so I just had to get one. Especially as I am planning to run to work far more in the coming weeks, and it is certainly high viz! I ran to the shop to get my lunch for work tomorrow. It felt comfortable to run in, and could fit a fair bit in. I was only running for 15 minutes, so will review better next post, as I am planning to run to work twice this week and plan to use it both times. 

What new kit have you purchased recently?


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