Week 2 completed, 14 weeks left to go….

So, i have managed to complete every run on my plan so far. Only another 14 weeks to keep this up!!!! The big test starts now, as reality hits and I have to fit training in around work! I have set my alarm for 6.00am tomorrow, so that I can fit my recovery run in before I head off to work. To be honest, I could probably do it tomorrow evening, but when I run before work it makes me feel so much better, and I might actually be slightly less grumpy when I return to work!

Today I completed my long run – 7 miles banked. I was looking forward to this long run as after trying to up the pace for in my last 2 sessions, I thought running slower was going to be nice. I was also running with my friend Kate, and I always find in easier to run with someone. So we set off, with lots to catch up on, and I thought it was going to be a gossip all the way round. So much for easy and enjoyable, as we started I was glad that it was Kate talking, so I could just nod and say yep at the right time. My legs were so heavy and I took a while to get my breathing sorted! After about 3 miles, I started to feel more comfortable and was relieved that I could finally take part in the conversation and actually felt ok. We ran 7.14 miles in total – only another 19.46 miles left to find!!


So tomorrow sees the start of Jantastic, in which I have set myself the goal of complete 4 runs a week. With my running on track at the moment, I think I now need to start thinking about fundraising. Even though I got my place through the ballot, I am still very keen to raise as much money as possible for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. If anyone has any good suggestions for fundraising, please get in touch. If anyone has any spare pennies left over from Christmas, please fell free to donate and share this page. www.justgiving.com/dennismurphy1949

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