#VMLM2016 training – Week 6

Yay, finally a full week!! So here is what a complete week looks like:

Monday – 1.5 mile repeats with club. The weather was hideous. I don’t think I’ve ever trained in so much wind! Our 1.5 mile loop incorporated a hill, which is usually quite tough. We turn around at the top and head back down – the bit we all look forward too. Not today, going down hill against the the wind was like running in treacle. Lots of effort but not really going anywhere. Pace went out the window and it was a case of just getting it done! Tuesday – Nike Training Club – yoga for runners and runners strength and balance.

Wednesday – 9 miles. For the first time, I ran on my own for the first and last 2 miles of this run, and I actually really enjoyed it! I put marathon talk podcast on and enjoyed running my own pace. It did make a difference as I was also running earlier than normal,so it was still light: Spring is on its way 🙂

Thursday – HILLS – I really do not like hills, but this session was worse than just hills, after we had completed one hill rep we ended with a 400m lap (which was supposed to be fast) This was tough.  Friday – Rest

Saturday – 16 miles. I was lucky as a few club mates planned their runs around me to keep me company and it made this run SO much easier. I ran 2 miles to meet someone, we both ran another 3 miles to meet 2 others. The four of us then did a 7 mile loop, after the loop we were back to 2, and then 3 miles later, on my own to finish the last 2. I did find mile 13 a struggle as there was a hill, and I really DO NOT like hills!! Running with people is awesome and joining a running club was the best thing ever. If you are thinking about it, do it! 

Shortly after my run, we were on a road trip up to Scotland so my trustee RMR compression socks were on, and a hot water bottle stopped my hips seizing up!

  Sunday – Rest

All in all a good week. Next week will be a test, as I am away, so no club sessions and 3 solo sessions!

I’ll leave you with this…..

Do you like running on your own?

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