#VMLM2016 training – Week 5

I am pleased to report that I actually got more than ONE run in this week. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t a 100% week due to work commitments, but it was an improvement!!

Monday – 4 x mile repeats. A really tough session at club. I was originally told I was in the 7:50-8:10 group. I’m not sure I have ever run a mile that started with a 7:xx, let alone run 4, so I soon moved myself back a group! I wasn’t too sure how I would find the session having missed 2 weeks of quality training, but actually (once it was over) I really enjoyed it! I think my pace was around 8:30/8:40 pace for each of the miles which I was pretty happy with.

Tuesday – Strength and stretches. I keep telling myself I NEED to do strength work and stretch and then don’t do it! Whenever anyone asks about strength and stretches on #ukrunchat I always suggest the Nike training app. So today, I listened to my own advice and used the app; I completed the runners strength and balance workout, and then finished with run ready yoga.

Wednesday – 9 Miles. Running long after a full day at work, never appeals. An hour before I had to go, I really didn’t want too!

Luckily, I had arranged to run with friends, so there was no backing out. 9 miles were completed and it felt so good. I trialled a Science in Sport gel during this run. It has been a long time since I took gels. I am not keen on the actual taking of them; so sticky and not particularly nice tasting, but I definitely felt strong right up to the end of this run, which I think was helped by the gel!

Thursday – A LONG day at work, meant that this was a rest day (well in terms of running!)

Friday – I was SO tired that I took another rest day. But, I did manage to order my #oneinamillion t-shirt. Read here for more information.

Saturday – 15 Miles. The weather forecast was not good for this run, and I had contemplated moving it to Sunday morning. Again, friends were joining me, and they couldn’t do Sunday, so my alarm went off at 6AM Saturday morning for breakfast! At 8am we set off for 15 miles. I took my fluid in my nathan backpack and this time I was trialling High 5 gels. For the last couple of years I have always carried Lucozade sport in my backpack, but I’m now finding this too sickly, so I have been taking water with a Nuun tablet. It’s much more refreshing.

So pros/cons of the run:


  1. No chaffing this week – thank God for vaseline!
  2. Average pace of 10.37
  3. I love running with people
  4. The High 5 Gels didn’t upset my stomach
  5. This run made me finally break through the 100 miles so far in 2016.


  1. I found 15 miles HARD – only 11.2 miles still left to go for the marathon!!
  2. The weather – rain and wind are not my friends.
  3. Early morning alarms on a Saturday are not my friend!
  4. The High 5 gels were sticky on my hands!
  5. My hamstrings were tight. I think my exercises are helping, but my lazy glutes are really making my hamstrings work hard!
  6. Mentally I feel I am losing my toughness. I wanted to give up SO many times, and had I not been running with people, I think I may have. I tried mantras and every PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) tactic I could think of, but still I wanted to quit and wondered why I was doing it!

Sunday – I really wanted to do more strength work today, but I never really found the time. At one point I asked my daughter if she wanted to do some exercises with me (she’s 4) when she said NO, I knew there was a strong possibility it wouldn’t happen at all. So another rest day!

I am finding the nutrition part of running REALLY confusing at the moment, so if anyone has any links to good articles, please post below. What gels/sweets/food do you take with you on long runs?

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