#VMLM2016 training – Week 4

Yet another week that hasn’t gone quite how I would like it, but here goes…

Monday – My calf was really sore yesterday, so I discreetly wore my compression socks under my work trousers! I messaged my coach to tell him about the horrible week last week and tight calf. I had planned to go to club tonight, but he suggested more rest, as his words were ‘never run when anything is tight’. So, again I missed club, booked myself in for a sports massage and completed some stretches.

Tuesday – Sports Massage. One of the runners at out club does sports massage, so I was lucky to get an appointment for today! She asked me what was hurting – I think my response was, “what wasn’t”! She worked her magic as always and I did feel so much better on Wednesday, but she advised not to run until Thursday, to let my body recover some more!

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 19.54.16

Wednesday – More rest, so instead I stretched and did my hip exercises (see here)

Thursday – Today, I had planned to go to the gym after work and try a little run on the treadmill. Gym bag was packed, finished work and drove home! Not the plan, but I had such a headache and really did not feel up to running!

Friday – Rest

SaturdayBedford Park run – I still was not feeling great, but I had planned to run with others, so there was no backing out! I moaned most of the way there, could have quite easily got back in the car at the start, but when the gun went, I started running. I have completed the course before, but only once and it was a while back. The course is 2 and a half laps around Bedford Park, and you know it is going well, when after 400m you are trying to remember if its 2 and a bit laps or 1 and a bit! As you can imagine, I wanted it to be 1 and a bit laps!!! I ran with club mates for the first lap, and that was probably a mistake as I went off too fast. The 2nd lap was a constant battle to keep pushing the pace and the 3rd lap was a battle not to walk! Luckily, a man tried to overtake me on the final stretch which made my competitive nature kick in, so I at least finished with a sprint. My legs were ruined and I quite nearly brought my breakfast up, but now its over, I’m glad I did it! At the beginning of the year, I thought I this could be a potential PB run, but having not trained properly for 2 weeks, I was fairly happy with 27:51 (I think this might be my 3rd best 5k time!)

IMG_8479 IMG_8476

Sunday – Rest – I was so glad that I didn’t have to run long again today, as I am really still not 100%. I spent A LOT of time on the couch and some of the time sleeping! I am hoping this is going to help next week be better. I am fed up of feeling ill and just want to get some quality training in!

Again, another week that was not good, but I did still complete 81 miles in January. February has to be my month!


How many miles did you manage in January? 


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