#VMLM2016 training – Week 3

Monday – Speed session at club. 800 metres X 5, with 2 minutes recovery. This was a toughie! I was aiming to run at 8 minute/mile pace, and I did stay close to it, but having only completed my long run yesterday, I did slow down on the final lap! I am also battling a cold at the moment, so at times breathing was interesting.

Tuesday – rest, but with some foam rolling! I could feel some niggles from yesterdays session, so I’m hoping 10 minutes of pain in front of the TV should help.



Wednesday – Rest day as ill.

Thursday – Rest day as ill.

Friday – rest

Saturday – Long run – my plan said I should have been running 13 miles, but I only managed 11.3 miles! I am still not 100%, but I had this strange idea that perhaps as I had extra rest days this week, this run would be good; How wrong could I be? I wanted to give up after mile 1, mile 2, mile 3 and every mile after that! I was lucky that a club mate was running with me and she pulled me round. I found it hard to get my breath at times, and every part of my body ached. My shins were sore at the start, then my hamstrings were tight and towards the end my hip was aching; all in all it was a run to forget. Onwards and upwards.


Not the prettiest of stats, but its miles banked!

Sunday – I read an article in Runners World magazine about how important the hip muscles are. It suggests that most leg injuries stem from weak hips. They have a plan of action, so I thought it’s worth a try. Today I completed day 1, which was 10 reps of hip abductors (See photo below) and 10 reps of hip flexor strengtheners. I was not particularly good at them, so I am thinking it is very probable that it is a weak area of mine too!


Hip abductor strengthening exercise

As you can tell from above, this week did not go to plan at all! Frustrating, as I had really enjoyed the first 2 weeks, but I suppose the positive is that, it is only week 3, and its better now that later in the programme.

So how is everyone’s training going? Please accept my apologies for too much leg photos in this post!!!


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