#VMLM2016 training – Week 2

Monday – speed session at club. 425 metres X 7, with 2 minutes recovery. It was tough. My legs felt OK, but the route had some slight hills in it and they zapped my legs. My coach had suggested to complete the laps in 2:05 and I’m glad to say I was pretty much there or there abouts on every rep 🙂

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 7 steady miles. Had a bit of a panic when my 2 running buddies couldn’t make tonight and I thought I was heading out alone! I even resigned myself to the possibility of 7 miles on the treadmill! Luckily one of the guys from club came to the rescue and I headed out with him and one other. They are super speedy and they made me work hard. But I loved it. We averaged 9.40 pace and the 7 miles flew by. Still amazes me that I can just go out after work and run 7 miles fairly comfortable.

Thursday – hills at club. We had to complete continuous hill; hard up a short hill for 15 minutes, then 3 minutes rest. Followed by 15 minutes continuous up and down a longer hill. I felt surprisingly good, legs allowed me to push quite hard on the short hill, the longer hill was tougher! In total we covered about 4 miles. My new runners had their first outing in this session.


I am in LOVE!!

Friday – rest

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 12 miles LR – When I saw the snow had arrived on Sunday morning, I did regret leaving my long run until today. What made it worse is that I had arranged to meet the girls at 4pm. Not sure about you, but if I leave my long run till later in the day, I spend the whole day battling with my mind – It’s too cold! I’m tired! I haven’t fuelled correctly! Luckily, arranging to meet people means you can’t opt out. I layered up, ready to brave the elements.


I do NOT like being cold!

I have had a toothache for the last 2 days, and have also developed a head cold, so I kind of felt this run was ‘kill or cure!’ I’m pleased to say that I completed all 12 miles and I’m here writing about it, so it definitely wasn’t kill, but I have sneezed numerous times whilst writing this, and my nose is streaming, so no cure either! I’m not going to lie, it was tough, but the miles are banked and I am on to week 3 🙂

So, how’s everyone else’s training going? Do you run when you have a cold? Anyone else hate hills as much as me?


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