#VMLM2016 training – week 15

So taper began with a bang! Well not so much a bang, but an ouch. I left the house as normal on Monday to head to work, and my knee gave way. I then experienced some pain, when walking! ARRGHHHHH I have had a similar pain before, but I don’t really remember how long it took to recover and/or what caused it!

So like any sane person, I put it down to ‘Maranoia’ and went training!

Monday – I attempted training, but to be honest I did more walking than running, and when I was running, I could feel a little discomfort in my knee. It just felt weak and I wasn’t running normally. I also felt shattered and had NO energy at all!

Tuesday – Rest. Some foam rolling and stretching.

Wednesday – My knee felt better walking, but I really didn’t want to chance it, so I skipped my run tonight. It was exactly 2 years ago today that I ran my first marathon, so I did enjoy reliving some of the photo’s from London 2014!

#TeamMND - London Marathon 2014 10011305_10202521274566506_5013417896746103200_n IMG_3814 IMG_3816

Thursday – Club were doing hills today, so I thought maybe I would go out alone and try a little run. Just after this thought I stepped up the step and my knee twinged, so I took another rest day! 🙁

Friday – Another Rest Day – I am going crazy! I really want to run. I am not good at resting!

Saturday – I decided to go out and test the knee today. I hadn’t felt it twinge for a while, and I SO needed to run. Well let me clarify, I hadn’t felt it twinge, until I realised how cold it was outside, so went back inside to get my jacket prior to my run. Yep, you guessed it, every step I took I could feel my knee! This is really bad timing! As any sane person would – well runner would, I still went on my run.

Original I had planned to do 5 miles, but with the twinges I changed this to a 5k. I wore my watch, but didn’t look at it once. After a mile, I stopped and stretched, just to on the safe side. Whilst I was running, my knee felt fine. I couldn’t feel any twinges, but I did find the run hard work. It’s ridiculous how taper makes you feel like you haven’t completed any training! I could have completed a longer run, but the weather was awful and I thought it was better to see how the knee reacted to the run. I came home and stretched/foam rolled lots. I felt so many aches and pains in my legs. I just don’t understand it. Have a got serious ‘Maranoia”?

Knee testing run

I had to reward myself with chocolate milkshake!!

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