This week’s workouts…

So this week’s workouts are as follows: I have again managed two runs. Slowly does it… The good news is that I have been able to run a little further or faster, but the bad news is my feet still hurt quite a lot! Tuesday I managed a 3 & 1/2 mile run, with a work colleague. Running with friends is always so much more enjoyable. I think this is the reason that I have entered so many races during Jan, Feb and March! My thinking is, if I am going to be having to run all those miles, I might as well do it with people, and bag a few medals on the way!! 

Rularuns - Asics Trainer
Rularuns – Asics Trainer

So far I have Brighton Half, Hampton Court Half, Milton Keynes Half, Kingston Breakfast 16 Miles and Brooklands Half – Lucky that I bought one of the amazing medals holders from The Runners Wall at the running show!! I am also looking for a 10K, for myself and my cousin to tackle in early 2014, but at that time of the year, most of them are trail – and I’m not so keen on the trail!

Then on Thursday, I ran my trusted 2-mile loop. Running on my own, and the fact that my husband was waiting for me, as we were going out, meant that I ran it at a faster pace than I have been running recently! Today my body made sure that I knew it was faster than normal, as I have aches and pains. I think tomorrow I will be mainly stretching!!!!

So this weekend I am looking to getting out for another Long Run (not that I am actually going that long, but as it will take place on the weekend, I feel I have to call it a long run!!) 

I am considering buying a Strassburg sock, anything to help see the back of this Plantar Fasciitis!! It seems quite expensive, so I’m not sure. Has anyone ever used one? Do they make a difference??

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