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My Fabulous #Fridayfinds from this week #5

The Runners Wall 

At the London Expo, I decided to buy myself another medal hanger. The Runners Wall were offering a really good discount, and I have bought from them before, so I purchased the Small London Medal Hanger and I’m so glad I did. My three medals from London are proudly on show in my entrance hall now and I love it. If you have worked hard to gain bling, proudly show it off!


Yoga Studio App

I DO NOT do enough stretching. FACT. When I have taken time out to run, I sometimes find it hard to use more time stretching, but this app is great as it has lots of different collections, some as short as 15 minutes, going up to 1 hour long workout. I think I had to pay a small fee for it, I can’t really remember, but if you do, I think it’s worth it.

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Nike Training App

I am actually irritating myself writing this, as I think this app is awesome, yet I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should. The app contains SO many different workouts, there has to be one to suit you. There are videos if you are not sure what to do, and encouragement during the workout. Most can be completed with or without equipment. I’m pretty sure this one was free too.

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So there are my 3 for this week, hope you find them useful. As always let me know what you think, share the post if you think others will like it and let me know if you have found anything on the internet, apps etc that can be beneficial to runners. Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine if you get some 😉

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In Need of a Rest

Wow, has it really been 30 days since my last post!! Sorry and hello again. I’m blaming End-Of-Termitus!

My running WAS going really well, although I started to get pain in my left knee and hip. I have now been on holiday for 8 days, and my plan was to do lots of yoga and then a few little runs. I am now on Day 8 of no running and have only completed one 10 minute yoga stretch session! Whoops!


This has got to be good for my legs!!

I am trying to convince myself that my body obviously needs a rest, but I can’t help but feel guilty and lazy! Having not run, has meant that I can now stand up straight without hip pain and walk without knee pain, so the rest has got to be good right?

I know the views on my run would be amazing too, but I just don’t seem to be able to get out the door! I suppose only time will tell if this rest has been a good option or not!

Do you run on holiday? Where has been the best route you’ve run?  

Where has it gone,  AGAIN?!

I shared with you during my taper for London, that I felt like I’d lost my mojo, but blamed taper madness. The London Marathon was TWO weeks ago, and since then I’ve completed ONE run! So I’m thinking it may have gone MIA (Missing In Action) AGAIN. Due to LOTS walking during the marathon, I can’t say I have really suffered with DOMS, so that can’t be the reason, but it have felt physically shattered.

Watching Katie at Milton Keynes Marathon, along with following Twitter today, with everyone running Hackney half, and lots of #TeamMND running a half in Hereford today, I have been jealous! I do want to be running, but I don’t seem to get my lazy backside out the door! Oh, I have entered my name into the London Marathon ballot, but I could do that from the comfort of my sofa!

I’ve decided that I want to try to improve my running form, so have been researching like crazy to find information. I’ve tried some yoga that @floralcrown from @ukrunchat suggested, which I really enjoyed. I’ve read and re-read kinetic revolution website about form, yet still feel baffled about where to start! I thought about do C25K to really take the time to build up, with better form and a mid foot strike, but then I start worrying about which days I do the yoga? which days I do strength work? Stretching? Hills? Drills? Am I just creating excuses? 

Would a Dinosaur chasing me help???

I dislike feeling so lethargic and tired all the time. Things have been quite hectic with work of late, so I’m hoping as soon as it calms down, my mojo will return and I’ll be back smashing PBs all over the place!

I hope everyone else’s running is going well, and if you do have any advice, motivation or can give me a virtual kick out the door, feel free to leave me a message.