ONE SLEEP – It’s like Christmas, but it’s Marathon Eve instead!

So with only 1 sleep left, there is not much more that I can do. I’m registered, I have been for my little leg-loosener run this morning and my kit is now ready. My friends have been amazing, and I have surpassed my target of £3,000 in sponsorship for MNDA, but I can feel that the negative thoughts are trying to creep in!


Why didn’t I eat sensibly and lose weight? What about the few runs that I did miss? Why didn’t I get more long runs in, especially one of 20 miles? Why didn’t I stretch EVERY night like I said I was going too? I didn’t do enough strength work! What if I find it too hard? I could go on… The negatives are endless! But now that I have written them down, the are gone!

Time to celebrate all the positives! I have completed a 16 week plan to get my running to distances I never thought were possible! Within that plan, I have run 4 times a week, missing just a handful of sessions! I have completed 4 runs, which were longer than a half marathon, with my longest being 19 miles! In total since starting the plan, I have run over 350 miles! Those are all banked and will help my get round 26.2 miles on Sunday. I also managed to bag myself a 5K PB too. All, of these positives are what I must remember. There will be good times tomorrow, emotional times, and some ‘dig deep’ moments, but I have to believe I can do it and remember why I am doing it!


I know my dad will be with me tomorrow, and will help me all the way. When the running feels hard, I need to remember how hard he fought this disease, and battle he faced every day. I also need to remember that so many people are still living with this battle every day, and there is still no cure. 

Years ago, I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in my lifetime, tomorrow I get to tick another one off that list! I’m sure I am going to fill my twitter timeline tomorrow with pictures, thoughts and probably lots of nonsense, but if you want to follow my journey my twitter is @rula10

If you are running tomorrow, good luck. If you are out cheering on the runners, give me a shout! I can’t believe this is actually going to happen!



London Marathon Expo – This thing is getting real……

Only 5 sleeps to go…. 

Today I went up to the London Marathon Expo to register, and it was brilliant! As I entered the Expo, the marathon theme music was playing and straight away my heart beat quickened and I got so excited (and a little emotional too!) Registration was easy and straight forward, and as I entered the expo, the legend that is Haile Gebrselassie was on the adidas boost stage.


Haile Gebrselassie & Martin Yelling

Haile was very amusing to listen too, telling everyone to enjoy their run, and if you take 6 hours, you take 6 hours! He also said that’s not too far behind me!!

I was lucky enough to meet up with some of the other MND runners – it’s been so good having their support throughout the whole training process! There were so many things that I could have bought, and probably signed up to hundreds more events, but luckily I was sensible!

I managed to meet Michael Owen towards the end of the day, and that really made my day! I now wish that I had trained harder so that I was aiming for a 3:45 time. I’m sure I would be able to run along way if I was following him!


There were lots of opportunities to leave messages around the expo, and I ensured that #TeamMND and #MNDA were left visible to as many people as possible!!!

When I started this post I was £45 short of raising £3000 for Motor Neurone Disease, but during this post a lovely person donated £45!! I am so pleased to have raised this much money, but still there is no cure, so if you want to donate please do so here.

I have a super talented Niece too, and on Tuesday she did my nails for me! Take a look at how cool these are.


Thank you Tia, I love them!


The Final Countdown……. Is this really happening??

OMG, I will be running a marathon in SIX days! Yesterday, was the Brighton, Manchester and Paris Marathons (I’m sure there were others too!), but my timeline on twitter was filled with good luck messages in the morning, followed by proud ‘Selfies’ in the evening. This has just made me so excited for Sunday!

My training last week wasn’t the greatest, and I am sure that most of it is psychological. I keep thinking the short runs should feel so much easier than they actually do!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6 mile easy run – my legs felt heavy and tired. The positive is that I kept thinking, this is what it will feel like on marathon day, running on tired legs, and I know that I can keep going!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday : Supposed to do speed work, but was shattered! So ended up being another rest day.

Friday: As I missed yesterdays run, I got up and did an easy 2 miles before work.

Saturday: 3 miles – This felt SO HARD. I returned from this run thinking, how am I going to do another 23.6 miles on top of that??!!

Sunday: 10 miles – The 4 miles warm up wasn’t great – heavy, tired legs, my right earphone kept dropping out, my hydration backpack wasn’t sitting comfortably and it was raining. At about 3 miles I stopped to stretch and sort everything out. A real positive from this, was at no point did I consider stopping. I think this training programme has made me mentally tougher. By mile 4, all was better, which was lucky as at this point I had to pick up my pace. 2 miles at 9:30mm. It was comfortably tough! A mile rest, which did included a little walking so I could take on some fluid, and then another 2 miles at 9:30mm, and a 1 mile cool down. Once finished, this run felt great – 9:30mm is nearly a whole minute under my marathon pace!

In other news, my local newspaper came to take photos of me on Sunday morning! Although, I’m not so keen on my face being in the paper- its great awareness for The Motor Neurone Disease Association. My competition for the Lexie Sport Leggings


Lexie Sport Competition – Just £1 could win you some Lake Leggings


So, the Lexie Sport Competition continues. For just a £1 donation you could win yourself a pair of the gorgeous Lake Leggings pictured above! They retail at £65, but all you need to do is donate to my just giving page here. I’m running the competition in a raffle style. For every £1 donated I will enter you name to be in with a chance to win. So, if you donated £1, your name will be in the draw once, if you donate £5, your name will be in 5 times, so you have more chance of winning. When you donate, write the words ‘Lexie Sport’ in the comment box, so I know who is taking part. Leave your twitter name, or email so that I can contact you should you win. All the money raised is for Motor Neurone Disease Association, and I plan to do the draw on Monday 14th April 2014.

Please contact me if you have any questions, either by leaving a comment here, or on twitter @rula10


2 weeks to go, and another competition!

So yesterday was my longest run ever, and today marked the start of TAPER… I can’t believe that this time in two weeks I will have run the London Marathon! Where has the time gone? I remember the day that I got the magazine telling me I was in. I was so excited and jumped around the house like I was a kid again at Christmas! No one was home, so I had to ring my mum to tell her. I can’t believe it is now only 2 weeks away.


Sunday 13th April 2014

Training has been going well, and last week i nailed all 4 runs, finishing with my longest run EVER! Monday was a nice 3 mile easy run, and then Tuesday was speed work. I didn’t know how my speed work would be, as Tuesday was my fourth day in a row – I’m not sure I have ever done that before! I set my Garmin to buzz to tell me when to run fast etc, but didn’t really look at it! I was so pleased when I got home and looked at the splits – all 3 minute fast paced sections were around 8.15mm pace. How amazing would it be to be able to run that fast for longer than 3 minutes!!

Thursdays run was much tougher to fit in, as I had a full day at work, and then a parents evening after that. By the time I got home, my motivation was really lacking! Luckily a friend of mine said that she would come out for 3 miles! Once we had completed the three miles, I was out so I just went on to finish the rest. I was so pleased when I finished them – you never regret a run!

Sunday, I needed to complete my LONG long run! I was booked on the Brooklands Half Marathon, but I knew that I needed to go further than 13.1 miles. I had to get up early to run additional miles before the race started! The clocks going forward did not help! I set my alarm for 5AM for breakfast!! The things you do for marathon training! I managed 5 miles before the race. I arrived at the race 15 minutes before it started, walked straight the the start, and before I knew it we were off. I was so lucky that I got chatting to one of the Run Mummy Run ladies that was also running, and we ran and chatted the entire thing together! The 13 miles just flew past. When I finished my Garmin read 18.2 miles. I really wanted to get to 20, but once I picked up my goody bag, I tried running with it, but it just wasn’t comfortable. So I just ran straight to my gym. The positive that I took from this, was I felt that I could have kept going!


Longest run EVER!

So now to taper. I am very much looking forward to this!

Now I can turn my attention to raising more funds and awareness for The Motor Neurone Disease Association. My current total stands at £2711.56 and I am desperate to get to £3000. I have been so lucky with the support I have had from Lexie Sport. They offered to give me a pair of Veronica Shorts to raffle off. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the support I had hoped for with this. The shorts are lovely, but I do think that you have to have a certain body shape to wear them. So, Lexie sport have said that I can change the item to a pair of their Lake Leggings.


Lake Leggings – Lexie Sport


Lake Leggings – Lexie Sport

These leggings are low-key in design, but also display a quick flash or the unique blonde print down the side and around the waistband. They cost £65.00 but you have the chance to win them. I am running a raffle type entry, in which if you donate to my just giving page, and in the comment box you put the words Lexie Sport, I will put all the names in to a hat to draw a winner. You can donate as little as £1 to be entered. You will need to leave your twitter name or email address, so that I can contact the winner. My just giving page is I will do the draw on Monday 14th April 2014.Please retweet and share this blog so that everyone gets a chance to win these leggings.

Let the fundraising begin. For a £1 donation you could be in with a chance of winning a pair of leggings worth £65.00! I think that’s worth donating, as well as the added bonus that your money will be going towards an amazing charity that is working hard to give families a hope.



Happy running….





Win Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink

Little Miracles have kindly donated some energy drinks for you to win! I was so excited to receive the delivery of the drinks, as I first tried these drinks last year at the Kingston Breakfast Run.


They were in the goody bag supplied by Wholefoods Market. After trying them, I searched everywhere to get more. Back then, it was difficult to find them in shops, but luckily they are now stocked in many stores, search here for stockist near you. The drinks are an organic fusion of fruit juice and White Tea, Green Tea, Black Team or Lemongrass Tea, which you just have to try!


Little Miracles Green Tea

So, how can you win them? I will make up packs of 12 drinks. The pack will consist of 3 Green Tea, 3 White Tea, 3 Lemongrass Tea and 3 Black Tea. If you were to purchase this in a shop, it would be in the region of £17.50. To enter the competition, all you have to do is donate money to my Justgiving page  – you could donate just a £1. Everyone who enters will have there name entered into the draw. There will be more than one prize, so the more times you donate the more chance you have to win. All the money you will be donating will be going towards Motor Neurone Disease Association, so a great cause. When you donate, you will need to leave your name or twitter name and write ‘Little Miracles’ in the comment box. The competition is only open to people in the UK, and I will draw names on Sunday 6th April.


Little Miracles White Tea


Little Miracles Black Tea

Training has been going well, and I will blog later to tell all.