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Something I’ve learnt on this marathon journey…..

At the start of this journey, I remember saying Sunday is Runday, but I’ve changed my mind. I much prefer doing my Long Runs on a Saturday!! BUT… that said, because of the silly turning of my ankle on Thursday’s run, I have had to have an extra day of rest to help my ankle heal. It’s not bad, but I can feel I overstretched it and it’s not completely normal.

So today I have had to sit around waiting for tomorrow! Worrying that my run won’t go well, or my ankle will swell or….. The mental battle is awful. What’s bizarre is that I do love running, but at times today I’ve dreaded tomorrow! I’m not sure why? I think that sometimes I am putting too much pressure on myself, wanting to run further, faster… I need to remember how privileged I am to be doing this, how many people would love to have my place, and for all those MND sufferers who would just love to be able to walk again! Who cares if I have to walk a bit – it’s the LONDON MARATHON!! It has been on my lifetime to-do list for years and I AM actually going to be there!!

So with a positive attitude, a smile on my face and my dad in my head and heart, tomorrow I will run for 2 hours 30 and try to enjoy every moment of it.

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London Marathon Training – 100 days to go…

So, a trip up to Scotland has meant that blogging has been a little non-existent! But I am glad to report that this hasn’t meant that I haven’t run! So far so good! After saying in previous posts that I was unsure which plan to follow, I have ended up ditching both the plans I was originally thinking about. I’m going with an improvers plan from Women’s Running Magazine. It involves running four times a week, but you can decide which days to complete the runs on. The distances and type of training sessions just felt ‘right’, whatever that means for someone who has never run a marathon before!!

Treadmill Running

So I am now one long run off completing week 2 of training, and I am actually really enjoying it. Next week is going to be the big test as I am back at work and have to fit the training around work! To be honest, I find working tiring, let alone the added training for a marathon, so it’s going to be interesting!

So training so far this week has consisted of Sunday – LR (Long Run) 60 minutes, a 15 minute RR (Recovery Run) on Monday, which I did on the Treadmill. Tuesday – TR (Tempo Run) 10 Minutes warm-up, 15 minutes Tempo and 10 minutes cool down. Today I completed an interval training session. Well, maybe completed is a little bit of an exaggeration!

These are not my favourite sessions, and I am not all that good at them. My plan said 10 minutes Warm Up, then 2 minutes hard running, followed by 3 minutes easy x 4. Changing pace, and working at some intensity is fairly new for me and I struggle. After playing basketball for so many years, I am used to going flat out down the length of the court and that’s it!

Trying to run with any intensity for 2 minutes means I often fail. I start off too fast and then blow out! Today I last about 1 and 1/2 minutes before I couldn’t carry on! I tried to adjust my speed for the other reps, but I have a long way to go before I will really be able to feel my pace!

All this attempting speed means that I am actually looking forward to my LR this weekend. I have to complete 75 minutes, and I am going to have company too, so I am hoping for a nice easy pace with lots of chatting.

So today marks 100 days to go……


Scary, but at the same time, I’m hoping my training continues the same as these first 2 weeks, enjoyable and achievable!

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Continuous Hills

Today’s session was another first for me! My training plan said continuous hills – 15-minute warm-up 3 x 4 minutes running up and down a hill with 3 minutes rest in the middle, followed by 15 minutes cool down. As I was at my sisters for Christmas, I headed out of her village, in search of a hill!

After running only 5 minutes I came across a hill, I’ll keep going I thought and head back here if need be!! Luck being on my side after 15 minutes I cam across another hill, so the first rep started!!

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I ran up the hill for about 45 seconds turn round and headed back down and continued that for the entire 4 minutes. I wasn’t going flat out, but it was still hard work! On the way up, I was trying to lean forward slightly, I could feel my foot placement was slightly different to normal, and I had to repeatedly tell myself that this is what was going to make me stronger!!

After 3 sets, my Garmin told me it was time to head home (they are very clever!!) I’m really enjoying mixing the training up, they are hard work, but I think I can probably push a little harder next time!! I’m also enjoying getting up and running in the morning – it gives me a slightly smug feeling for the rest of the day!!

What time of the day do you normally run?


London Marathon has started. Day 2 complete…

Just a quick post, as I am determined to keep a record of my training and journey! So I decided to go with the Women’s Running Magazine beginner plan, which meant Monday I was cross-training for 30 minutes and stretching! I’m not sure if it was because I thought it was an easy session or what, but the 30 minutes cross training felt SO hard!! I did 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the elliptical machine, no real resistance or intensity, but let’s just say I couldn’t wait for it to be over!!

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Today was back to running, but a threshold training session. I have played about with speed before in sessions but nothing really planned, so this was all new!! Today was 15 minutes warm-up, then 3 x 4 minutes at threshold. Well, I ended up doing 4 x 4 as set up my Garmin wrong!!! I didn’t set any pace, just went on feel. When I looked at each of the 4 minutes they were all around 8.52 minute/mile pace!! Pretty consistent which was really pleasing!! And on another positive note, I learnt how to programme my Garmin!!

So day 1 & 2 complete and it’s now time to celebrate Christmas. I’m not sure if I will run on Christmas Day. It’s not in my plan, but I really like the idea of it!!!

Do you run on Christmas Day? Merry Christmas everyone, Enjoy!

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Building a base

I have been shocking at blogging this week, but the good news is I haven’t been shocking at running. Luckily, I have been consistent with my running. Slowly returning to running and building a base before my training plan kicks in for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2014.

I have read lots on training for a marathon. Also, I have tried to talk to all of my friends that have run marathons and soak up all the wise words. Last week, I read on the RunMummyRun Facebook page, about using the heart rate monitor to help with training. I then googled it to find out more information. I then decided to put on my HR monitor when I headed out for my long run last week. I had read that your long runs should be run at 65% – 75% of your maximum HR. So I decided to learn about another feature on my Garmin (I wish I could be bothered to read the full instructions!) and set the HR zones.

Off I went, and my watch started buzzing immediately, telling me my HR was too low. Give me a chance to warm up, I thought. So once into the flow of running, it buzzed continually telling me my HR was too high, so I tried to slow down. Even with trying to slow down, it still said it was too high. I ended up running 4 and 1/2 miles, at an average pace of 11.03-minute miles (a very comfortable pace for me), but my average HR was still 85% of my maximum HR!!??? Is this normal?

I decided to stick with the HR monitor for the next few runs, but I’m still not sure what it is telling me. Tuesday I managed to run with a work colleague, which was great, as we ran 3 miles and chatted the whole way round! Thursday I met a friend at the gym at 6.15 am to fit in a run before work. Again, we ran 3 miles, but this time she chatted the whole way – she is faster than me at the moment, so the pace was faster than I have run in a while, so I was happy to just listen! This friend that I ran with, Chicken, she has been desperate for me to write a post with her in it, but really I think she should be writing her own blog ‘The Chicken Run’, would be a good name for the blog, and she races almost every weekend, so she would be able to write lots of race reports!!

Today I got out for another Long Run, and ended up going the furthest I have run since Royal Parks Half, back in October. Again I had my HR Monitor on, again it told me my HR was too high, and again I felt like I was running at a very comfortable pace! I actually remembered to take a picture of my Garmin! I love seeing these photos from other runners and I always forget! But here it is…


And here is to another week building a good base, and more blogging. So, should I be concerned about my heart rate? Has anyone else trained using a Heart Rate Monitor?

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This week’s workouts…

So this week’s workouts are as follows: I have again managed two runs. Slowly does it… The good news is that I have been able to run a little further or faster, but the bad news is my feet still hurt quite a lot! Tuesday I managed a 3 & 1/2 mile run, with a work colleague. Running with friends is always so much more enjoyable. I think this is the reason that I have entered so many races during Jan, Feb and March! My thinking is, if I am going to be having to run all those miles, I might as well do it with people, and bag a few medals on the way!! 

Rularuns - Asics Trainer
Rularuns – Asics Trainer

So far I have Brighton Half, Hampton Court Half, Milton Keynes Half, Kingston Breakfast 16 Miles and Brooklands Half – Lucky that I bought one of the amazing medals holders from The Runners Wall at the running show!! I am also looking for a 10K, for myself and my cousin to tackle in early 2014, but at that time of the year, most of them are trail – and I’m not so keen on the trail!

Then on Thursday, I ran my trusted 2-mile loop. Running on my own, and the fact that my husband was waiting for me, as we were going out, meant that I ran it at a faster pace than I have been running recently! Today my body made sure that I knew it was faster than normal, as I have aches and pains. I think tomorrow I will be mainly stretching!!!!

So this weekend I am looking to getting out for another Long Run (not that I am actually going that long, but as it will take place on the weekend, I feel I have to call it a long run!!) 

I am considering buying a Strassburg sock, anything to help see the back of this Plantar Fasciitis!! It seems quite expensive, so I’m not sure. Has anyone ever used one? Do they make a difference??