Five Things Friday-8

Five Things Friday #8

Five things Friday #8 and I am hoping that the things I am sharing are useful.


So last week I was listening to my usual podcast on my way to work and Rob Dial started to talk about Ikigai. I found it very interesting and thought about it once I got to work. Well, my tutor group had an assembly and we had an external speaker come in.

Can you imagine my shock when she started talking about Ikigai! I’d never heard of the word and then twice in one morning! So obviously I wanted to know more about it!

Five Things Friday #8 Image
I’m now reading more about it. Maybe it will help me find my next job!

Instagram Post

There seem to be a few people struggling with injuries at the moment, myself included so I just wanted to share this post for anyone else that may need to read it.

Follow Friday

I know that they say you shouldn’t talk to strangers online, but I am so glad that I started following and talking to @lexielovestorun. She is an amazing runner and so inspiring. Make sure you check out her Instagram page and give her a follow. You will not regret it.

@lexielovestorun instagram profile.

The Running Awards

I was fortunate enough to attend The Running Awards last year. They have announced the shortlist for the awards. There are so many amazing people and brands up for awards, so as runners I feel it’s important for us to vote. So, take a look and vote here.

Last years Running Awards
Last years running awards


Yes, I know it’s a shocker. For the second week, I’m plugging my own photo challenge!! It’s well underway and I am loving seeing people photos. It’s all for fun and you can join in whenever you want. If you want to look at what has been posted so far, search for click here.

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