Sunday Summary

To try and get some consistency with my blogging, I have decided to TRY and complete a Sunday Summary every week detailing what exercise I have completed during the week. I think it’ll be good to look back over! Also I’m nosey and would love reading other people’s weekly workouts.

Monday – 6.30pm Run Club 30 sec up hill, followed by 30 secs down hill x 3, then recovery. This was then repeated 4 times! 

Tuesday – Rest.

Wednesday – 5.30am C25k with my sister – 1.30 run, 1.30 recovery x 2, then 3 minutes running 3 minutes recovery x 2.

Thursday – 6.30pm – Run Club track session. 800m had to be completed. We had 6 minutes and that had to include our recovery time too. So the faster we went the more recovery we got! We completed this 4 times!

Friday – was supposed to be another early morning run with my sister, but my niece decided sleep was overrated, so another rest day happened.

Saturday – 8.30am C25k with my sister. 3 minutes running, 1.30 recovery, 5 minutes running, 2.30 recovery x 2. We decided to add a little circuit to the end too. We did 10 x jumping jacks, 10 x mountain climbers, 10 x squats and 10 x press ups. We did 5 minutes AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

Sunday – Rest

In the next ‘Sunday Summary’, I will try to include more. Possibly speeds and distances information too!

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