Sunday Summary

So this weeks round-up is as follows:

Monday – 6.30pm Run Club – pyramid session. 1 min run, 30 seconds recovery, 2 minutes running, 1 minute recovery, 3 minutes running, 1 min 30 recovery, 4 minutes running 2 minutes recovery, 5 minutes running, 2 mins 30 recovery, then repeat going down.

It was hot and a tough session. The running was supposed to be fast, and I went off too fast as usual. Surprisingly (NOT) I found it tough. But around the halfway point, my legs felt looser and I could run better. Before that, my legs had felt like jelly at times, and other times I felt like I was running in treacle!

I’m still not very good at stopping my watch or setting it to tell me my speed for each interval, but my watch recorded 3.7 miles in total, with each mile faster (it certainly didn’t feel like that!!) Mile 1 – 9.16 pace, Mile 2 – 9.15 pace and Mile 3 – 9.07 pace.

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 5.30am C25K with my sister – 5 mins warm up, 3 mins running, 1.30 recovery, 5 mins running, 2.30 recovery x 2. c My legs were like lead for this session! Finished in park, with 5 minutes AMRAP – jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squats, press ups!


Thursday – Rest – I couldn’t make Run Club today as I went to Wimbledon instead!! Does walking across London and all the stairs in the tube stations count as exercise?

Friday – 8pm – C25K with my sister. 5 mins warm up, 3 mins running, 1.30 recovery, 5 mins running, 2.30 recovery x 2. Both of us were shattered, so this was a slow one. I think we averaged 12 minute miles when running, but the positive; my sister managed 2 full 5 minutes of running.

Saturday – Rest.

Sunday – 8am C25K with my sister – Start of week 5 on the programme saw as do 3 x 5 minutes running with 3 minutes recovery. We averaged 12:30 minute miles, and my legs felt so heavy! I am so glad I was running with my sisters, as I think I would have turned the alarm off and stayed in bed for this one!

We followed this with a core session. we did 5 minutes AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of the following circuit.

1. Mountain climbers x 10

2. Crunches x 10

3. Spidermans x 10

4. Superman x 10

Next week, I MUST add some stretching and foam rolling, as my body is tired! Hope everyone had a good week.


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