Something I’ve learnt on this marathon journey…..

At the start of this journey, I remember saying Sunday is Runday, but I’ve changed my mind. I much prefer doing my Long Runs on a Saturday!! BUT… that said, because of my silly turning of my ankle on thursday’s run, I have had to have an extra day of rest to help my ankle heal. It’s not bad, but I can feel I over stretched it and it’s not totally normal.

So today I have had to sit around waiting for tomorrow! Worrying that my run won’t go well, or my ankle will swell or….. The mental battle is awful. What’s bizarre is that I do love running, but at times today I’ve dreaded tomorrow! I’m not sure why? I think that sometimes I am putting too much pressure on myself, wanting to run further, faster…. I need to remember how privileged I am to be doing this, how many people would love to have my place, and for all those MND sufferers who would just love to be able to walk again! Who cares if I have to walk a bit – it’s the LONDON MARATHON!! It has been on my life time to do list for years and I AM actually going to be there!!

So with a positive attitude, a smile on my face and my dad in my head and heart, tomorrow I will run for 2 hours 30 and try to enjoy every moment of it.

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