One week, two runs…..

…it’s been a while since i’ve been able to say this. Well only about 7 weeks, but it has seemed like a life time! I got up early on Thursday morning and ran before work. After the euphoria of running on Tuesday, I was so looking forward to this run, and even though it was nice, I wasn’t the bouncing ball of energy that I had dreamt about. Why is it when you haven’t run for a while, you picture every come back run, looking like Mo Farah – gliding effortlessly and fast….


The pain in my feet is still there! It has definitely improved with the orthotics and the stretching, but I have been reading about the Strassburg sock, and I am hoping that this is going to finally cure me. I am heading to The Running Show on Sunday, at Sandown Park, and they are on sale there, so I will certainly be purchasing one!

As well as heading to the running show, I am hoping to get a long run in this weekend – well, longer than 2 miles run! Its really difficult, as I am just not sure how much to do! Should I still even be running, when I know my Plantar Fasciitis hasn’t cleared up completely? It’s difficult – with only 142 days until London I feel resting isn’t an option.



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