One calendar Month to go….

So, today marks one calendar month until London! So what do I do? Go out for my run and twist my ankle within the first 5 minutes!!! What an idiot! After years of playing basketball and twisting my ankle frequently, I knew I could carry on, so I tightened my trainer and carried on. 4.56 miles later I have just iced it, and I’m hoping tomorrow I won’t even notice a difference!

On a more positive note, I got my new tights through on Tuesday, so I just HAD to wear them tonight!! They were awesome!! I have seen so many people wearing 2XU tights, but had always thought they were too expensive for me!! When searching for some tights to wear for the marathon, I wanted a pair with some orange on! (To match my MND top!) I finally found 2XU on Wiggle! So on Saturday I went in to a shop to try some on. They only had the full length tights, but as soon as I put them on, I wanted them!! They were so comfortable, supportive yet felt really light! I really had to practice self restraint from buying the full lengths, but immediately went online and bought the 3/4 lengths from Wiggle. I’m so glad I did!! I wish I had the money to purchase more – I’d have a pair for everyday (even though I don’t actually run everyday!)


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