Not so easy…


Today was supposed to be an easy recovery run. It didn’t feel so easy!! Firstly, I really struggled to get out. I wanted to go, I knew I would feel better for it, but I also wanted to be lazy!

As soon as I’d picked my daughter up from pre-school, I changed into my running gear. That way, I knew I couldn’t back out! It took probably another hour before I headed out! I had to tell myself I could walk it all if I wanted too (I knew I wouldn’t, but it tricked my silly mind!)

I wanted to keep the pace slow and just enjoy it, but my legs felt really heavy from the off! Where I live, I find I have to run lots of hills, I think this is what makes my easy runs feel not so easy!


My view on the run


I managed 55 minutes, which I felt was a good achievement, seeing as I wanted to turn back after 2 minutes!! And, yes, as always I was glad I went! Running is so much easier when you have a run buddy! I need to find me one of them!!

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