New York Marathon Training – Week 2

One of my biggest fears with signing up to an Autumn marathon is the fact that my routine goes out the window, as soon as the school holidays start. Last week, I was away visiting family in Scotland, but I am pleased to report I still got the miles in. It did mean I had to set an alarm a few mornings, and forego my lie in, but so be it. Marathon training is not easy!

Being away meant that I got to run in the sun, by the sea, which was really lovely, and very unexpected for Scotland!!! During this week, it also marked 100 days until the marathon! Arrgghhhh

So my week in pictures:


My long run was a struggle this week, as again my foot was aching and I really wasn’t that organised. I knew that I was running low on Torq gels, but on Saturday morning when I went to pack them, I found I only had ONE! I also felt like I hadn’t hydrated well on Friday, so psychologically I was already down on myself before starting my run. Luckily, I had my running buddy ‘Sparks‘ to help get me through, but I can’t say I enjoyed this run as much as last week.

Last week, I was wondering why I write this blog, yesterday I read my posts from week 2 of my last three marathon training cycles (2014, 2015, 2016) and actually I am working much harder this cycle, and already clocking more miles. This has to be a positive. If I want to be better, I have to train better!

Recap of training


  • Running next to the sea.
  • Pushing myself on my 800’s, even though I was on my own.
  • Better pacing on my tempo run

Areas for improvement 

  • STRETCHING! – I have a feeling this is going to feature every week. When time is tight, stretching gets missed.
  • Replace my Tuesday run with a bike session and strength work. I’m not sure my body is ready for too many back to back sessions.
  • Getting organised. I need to order my gels NOW!

Has anyone found any good stretching routines they want to share with me?

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