MNDA: The Truth about this awful disease #8

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My dad left behind 5 grandchildren when he died. He has also subsequently missed meeting another 3 that have been born since. This disease robs people the chance to grow old. My niece Tia, was only 9 when my dad was diagnosed, here is her take on the disease.

I was only 9, when my Grandad was diagnosed with the devastating Motor Neurone Disease. Seeing my Grandad suffer with the disease, was the hardest thing to witness for me considering I was so young. When I first heard that he has been diagnosed I had no idea what MND was; so I wasn’t sure what the effect was … Short term? Long term? Was there a cure?


I was very close to my Grandad, we did everything together! He was such a loving and kind-hearted man who always put others before himself. Watching him suffer day in day out was the hardest thing for our family to watch, the changes we all had to make to our lives, as well as his, because of the way that this disease was affecting him. He became unable to walk, talk and look after himself. I wish there had have been a cure.

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