MNDA: The truth about this awful disease #3

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My Dad

How does MND affect a person?

The human body has lots of muscles and we use many of these to move. However, before muscles can move, they have to receive instructions or messages from the brain. The messages are then sent to the muscles by nerves. These nerves are called motor neurones.

If you want to kick a ball, a message is carried from your brain, along the nerves to the muscles in your leg to tell them to kick. You don’t feel this happening as the messages travel too quickly.

When someone has motor neurone disease (or MND for short), something goes wrong with these nerves. Gradually fewer and fewer messages get through. When this happens, the muscles won’t move properly and can start to waste away because they are not being used. This can mean that a person with MND can’t do some of the things they used to.

(Information taken from MNDA website)

My dad first lost control in his foot/leg, but rapidly MND took away his ability to walk, feed himself, and just before he died he was loosing his ability to speak. The most heartbreaking thing about the body failing is that the mind is not affected.

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