Longest run EVER…..

So, as I predicted in my last post, things are going to get tough now, and Sunday’s long run certainly lived up to this. The positive was that I ran the furthest I have ever run, completing 13.5 miles, but I wanted to give up every mile after mile ONE!!! hehe

Luckily I had my friend running with me, so she kept me going, but I can’t say that I enjoyed it – well only the smug feeling that running gives you AFTER you have finished! It was fairly cold on Sunday morning, and I think we had completed 5 miles before I felt like my legs had warmed up. I had read online, that it is good to try doing some long runs without gels, drinks etc So I chose this one – mainly because I just hadn’t got my self sorted! My hydration backpack had started to leak and I hadn’t replaced it, and I hadn’t been to the shops for my jellybabies.

I’m not sure if this was the reason for finding the run tough, or it was linked to feeling under the weather the week before, but I was glad when I hit the final down hill back to my gym! I’m not totally sure if running without drinks and gels, but I cam say that it was quite good to find it so mentally tough, and hard going on the legs, but still be able to keep going. I am sure at the end of the marathon I am going to feel more tired than I did on Sunday, want to give up lots more than I did on Sunday, but I WILL have to go on. So, maybe having some mentally tough training runs are a good thing.

This weekend I am running the Brighton Half Marathon, which when I originally booked it, was thinking this was going to be a great place to bag a PB. My PB is from my first ever half marathon, and stands at 2 hours and 28 seconds. I didn’t run any other half’s before having my daughter, but bagged a place in the GNR, the year after my daughter was born. I trained quite well for this and thought maybe I could get sub 2 hours, and was pretty much on target up until mile 11, when it felts like we were constantly going up hill and I ran out of steam, finishing in 2 hours 4 minutes. My next attempt was going to be the Reading half marathon last year, but ended up injured in the lead up, and didn’t decide until 2 weeks before the race that I would run, so that was never going to be a PB attempt. I signed up to the Run To The Beat half last September and gained a ballot place in the Royal Parks Half in October, so thought that I had to have a chance of getting a sub 2 hour PB. Then my husband went a booked our holiday – 5 weeks away, including driving to and from Spain. Even though I ran in most places that we stopped, I found it really difficult to go long in places that I didn’t know. When we finally arrived in Spain, where we were staying for three weeks, I found we were in the hilliest place ever, so again I felt running any distance quite tough.

I still felt I had a chance of getting close at RTTB, but the chaos at the barracks, which had all participant actually have to stop and walk through a gate, made sure it was a no. Then at Royal Parks, I had again been struggling with injury and really had no idea what shape I was in. I asked advice as to what I should do. My friend said go with the 2 hour pacer and see what happens. So i did! And for 9 miles I thought it was in the bag, I felt great! But as we hit 10 miles, the pacers and her group ran away from me and I had no answer. I blew up completely and finished in 2 hours 6 minutes.

So this weekend is going to be a test – honestly, I really don’t think I am in sub 2 hour shape, but who knows! I am enjoying a mini taper into this race, going out last night and the run being over a done within 30 minutes felt great. It was still a tough session, as it was 30 seconds hard, 60 second recovery x 4, but it was just nice to get home and still have so time to myself before bed!

I am pleased to say that my fundraising has taken off again, and on my dad’s birthday it was so nice to have broken through to £2000 barrier! Lets hope we can break through the £3000 barrier too.

Anyone running the Brighton Half?


If anyone has any spare pennies and they want to donate www.justgiving.com/dennismurphy1949

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