InstaSays – What has running taught you?

The skills that you acquire when training and the processes you can go through during a run can teach you so many lifeskills. We often focus on the physical benefits, but there is so much more. The simple sport of running can have a huge impact. I think one of the best quotes that I have seen is :


I dare you to train for a marathon and not have it change your life.

Susan Sidoriak

So this weeks question for InstaSays was ‘What has running taught you?’ Make sure that you are following me on Instagram and watching my stories, so that you can take part. Also, if you missed the last InstaSays click here.

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To be patient.

To take the time for myself to run. It makes me a better mummy, wife and just happier.


How to listen to my body more and how every run is good for you, not matter how far or fast.


To be patient… although it doesn’t always work! 


Running doesn’t need to be driven by pb’s and competing against others, the best positives are how it helps with your mental health and wellbeing.


Patience! It doesn’t all happen at once (fitness, distance, speed etc).


That it’s all mind over matter.


That you NEVER feel worse off for having run.


That I can get up early 😴and that running friends are the best 🙂


That if I set myself a challenge, I will see it through!


That you can make time for anything even if it’s 20-30 minutes.


That I have fragile feet and knees 😂


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