Here goes….

So, everyone is reflecting on 2015 and making goals for 2016. I’m not really one for either. I find that if I set myself strict rules, I break them! And to be honest, I struggle to remember the positives if I reflect. Saying this, there are certain things I want to remember as we head into 2016, and I embark on my 3rd marathon journey.


I’ve been here twice before, but this one will be the best…

One of the coaches at my club is writing my plan, and I received an email today that said my run on Sunday, should be 8 miles and at 9:50 pace. This scares me a little, I’m not totally sure why, but my immediate thought is it’s fast. Well, it says it all above. Time to be a little faster, work a little harder and see what happens.


I did total up my mileage for last year. 623miles. Not sure if this is good, bad or just OK, but I do intend on beating that this year! A lady I know through my RunMND group, has put together a 516 miles challenge. All you have to do is sign up, run/walk 516 miles in 2016 and she will send you a medal at the end. The money raised is going towards MNDA and Bowel Cancer UK. I’m all about getting bling, so as I’m going to be covering that mileage I have signed up. If you are interested click here.

So hear goes, bring on the Virgin London Marathon 2016. Happy New Year to everyone.

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