Help raise money for MNDA, and be in with a chance of winning £50

When I used to play basketball, we ran a fundraising game called Bonus Ball, which allowed the club to raise money, but also gives the people donating the chance to win their money back, plus a little more! So, I’ve decided to organise it again to help raise more money for MNDA.

So let me explain. You pay £2 and either chose, or get randomly allocated a number from 1 – 200 (you can purchase more than one number if you want to. When all numbers are purchased, I will use a random number generator to chose a winning number. Whichever number is drawn will win £50. Whoopeeee! The remaining money will then be donated to MNDA.Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 18.43.41

So how do you enter? You can send me an email on to specify which number(s) you would like. I will up take a photo regularly and post it on instagram (rularuns) and twitter (rula10) so you know which numbers are left. You then donate your money to my paypal account, same email as before. Once I have received the money, I will add your name to the number. The quicker all the numbers are purchased, the quicker the draw will take place, so please fill free to share, and RT. I’ve started the competition by purchasing number 10 for my daughter!

Happy donating and good luck. Lets raise as much money for MNDA as we can!!


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