Good timing or not….

I seem to be really struggling to find my running mojo! Not the best time for it to disappear, when I have 7 days until I run my second marathon!

I ran 20 miles on Good Friday (3rd April) and was so glad that meant taper time. Little did I know, that during taper, I would lose my mojo!!

I ran twice during the following week, but neither felt particularly comfortable! I then missed my long run last weekend, as I was away enjoying family celebrations. I decided that I would write it off and just pick up my weekly runs.

Monday came and went, and I thought about running, but it didn’t happen. I thought some more about it on Tuesday,and again it didn’t happen. On Wednesday I was determined to run!Not because I wanted too, but I felt I should. I got changed in to my kit, and then delayed, delayed and eventually went on the treadmill. It FELT horrible. I did 15 minutes, and gave up. It felt so hard, and I just couldn’t be bothered!

Thursday night, I got in to bed at 8pm and got up at 7am the next morning. I didn’t sleep ALL that time, but I just felt shattered.

I was awake early yesterday, so I decided to go for a run! I can’t say I wanted too, but I knew I needed too. It was a lovely morning, although a little chilly, and I believed that, if I headed out before I could think about it, I couldn’t back out.

Early morning view

I ran 5.8 miles, and wanted to stop occasionally , but I really WANTED it to feel so much easier! I tried running at marathon pace, but that hurt more! Not because it was too fast, but too slow and my legs hurt more when I tried to slow down. I didn’t seem to have a comfortable running style either! Why is this happening NOW? Please just let it be the joy of taper!

I have definitely completed more long runs this year, but somehow, I feel less prepared! I think this week, there will need to be A LOT of mental preparation!!

I am super excited to be going to the Expo on Friday. Last year, I met Michael Owen!

IMG_0210 Wonder if I can beat that this year? Think it would need to be Paula Radcliffe!!

Who would you most like to meet at the expo?

2 thoughts on “Good timing or not….

  1. Sounds like a classic case of taper madness, or ‘maranoria’ as it’s sometimes called. Other symptoms include random niggles and imaginary injuries and an obsession with watching the weather forecast. Trust The Training, and best of luck for the day!

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