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Welcome to ‘Getting to know…’ number 5. How is everyone coping in Lockdown? I hope these runners interviews are keeping you entertained. If you have missed any of the previous interviews, you can find them here.

Tina is this weeks guest. She is one of the coaches at my club and a teammate too. She also has very sharp elbows and often puts us all back together when we do what every runner does and skips stretching!




50 something


Sports Massage Therapist

Tina in the snow

How long have you been running?

Since January 2012

What made you start running?

I started initially to lose weight.

Why do you run now?

I love how it makes me feel…… once it is over LOL

What was your last event?

My last event was the Bath Half Marathon, just before ‘lockdown’ started. 

What is your next event?

I’m not sure, I have the Derby half booked which would have been early June but think that is now rescheduled, along with Endure 24 Reading. I think I have another half booked but I can’t remember which one.

Favourite thing about running?

I love helping other people and therefore my favourite thing would be helping others. (I also love the running community as I have made so many fabulous friends)

Worst thing about running?

Throwing up!

What one piece of advice would you give to a beginner?

Believe in yourself, follow a good C25K programme and not to go out too quickly. (ok that’s 3 bits of advice 😊 )

Best piece of advice given to you?

Don’t go out too quick when racing. We live and learn, how many times have you done this and blown up halfway round? 

Favourite race distance?

Probably 10 miles/half marathon but then I enjoy all distances, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t do them. 

Funniest thing that has ever happened to you whilst running?

There are lots of these…… most are around bodily functions, so let’s leave it there. 

Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you whilst running?

It was on a 15-mile race in January 2018, I remember it well. I always wear shorts whatever the weather, and on this day the snow blizzards were coming across the open countryside. I actually thought the event would have been cancelled but it went ahead.  I had just finished the race and my friend’s husband came up to me pointing to my crutch, and kind of whispered “You’re Bleeding!!”   OMG, I was sooooo embarrassed, but when I went inside the hall to get changed I realized I had some serious chaffage on the top of my legs which had bled a lot, I didn’t feel it whilst running as my legs were numb.  I couldn’t run, swim or ride my bike for 3 weeks after this.  

On average, how many miles do you run per month?

This varies but I would say 80/100


Do you belong to a running club?

I sure do, Team Balancise of Higham Ferrers, Such a great friendly club, with awesome coaches 😀

Do you do any other forms of exercise in addition to running?

I love swimming, I occasionally cycle but this is not a passion and I try and do at least one strength session a week.  

Favourite pre-race/pre-long run meal?

Well, this would usually be breakfast, so I would get up 2 hours before I am due to run, make and eat Porridge usually made with water and berries. Then I’d go back to bed for an hour. 

Favourite post-run meal?

Depends on the distance but I LOVE a cup of tea and a bag of ready salted crisps after a race.  

Do you have any superstition?

No, not really but I do have favourite shorts that I like to wear for a race. 

What is your biggest achievement sport wise?

Erm, probably getting to the start line of the Ironman 2018, even though completing the swim and bike (did I say I wasn’t a fan of biking) but not completing the run, I feel the amount of time and dedication to training was a huge achievement in itself. And the fact I am still married after it haha. 

If you were granted one wish related to running, what would it be?

That I can continue to run for years and years to come until I’m much much older.


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This or That

Early Morning Run or Evening Run

Tea or CoffeeProsecco!

Winter Running or Summer Running

Solo running or Running with Friends

Road Running or Trail Running

Dog or Cat I have both

Miles or Kilometres

Run with someone chatty or run with someone silent

Run with no sock or run with no underwear

Run a hilly 5k or flat 10k

Run a hilly 10K or flat half marathon

Run a hilly Half Marathon or Flat Marathon

Run a hilly Marathon or Flat Ultra Marathon

Run as much as you want on the treadmill or only run once a week outside. Argh I hate the dreadmill

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