For my Dad …..

Tomorrow would have been my dad’s 65th birthday. Motor Neurone disease is a cruel disease that takes our loved ones far too early! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my dad. I miss him all the time, and whilst training for this marathon I think about him constantly.  When times get tough, I remember how strong he was when faced with this disease. I also remember how remarkable my mum was in looking after him.

She found strength, both mentally and physically that I never knew she had! I will never forget the week before my dad passed away, we were all on a family holiday. My dad asked me to help move him, as he had lost the function of his legs. He didn’t have the strength to manoeuvre his body at all. I had seen my mum lift him many times, so I thought I would be able to do it. I could not move him at all, how my mum did every day and numerous times a day is beyond me! She is one special lady!


Last week was supposedly an easy week running-wise, but I found it so tough! On Wednesday I got the news that a very close family friend had lost her battle with Cancer. Gill was a lovely lady who will be missed by so many people.

I really had to force myself out of the house for each of the runs. When I was running I can’t say that it was particularly easy. Thursday run was dedicated to Gill. When I felt uncomfortable in my run and tired, I just thought about how much Gill had gone through. How tough she had been to fight Cancer once before.


One of my problems is that I find it quite difficult to run relaxed and slowly, unless I am running and chatting or I am tired. Also, mentally I had resigned myself to the fact that it was an easy week. So I think I felt that every run would be effortless and be over and done with quickly! The one positive that I can take from last week, was even though I didn’t want to run, I still managed to complete all my runs.

During Saturday’s long run, I managed to cover 12 miles. I was lucky to have company for 5 of those miles. It makes such a difference running with someone. I am now so glad that I booked so many half marathons to run as part of my long runs. Not only will I get to run with lots of people, but I will hopefully get a medal at the end too!

My training from here onwards scares me slightly. I am starting to go into unknown territory! I have run a few half marathons before, but I have never run further than 13.1 miles. To be honest, I have never run further than 11 miles in training. Last weeks long run was a first!

Last week’s training:

Monday 20 minutes

Tuesday 45 minutes

Thursday 55 minutes

Saturday 1 hour 55 minutes

Although my training scares me, I am also looking forward to seeing how my body copes with running for longer periods of time. When things get tough I know that Dad and Gill will push me on. I am also going to start promoting my fundraising page a lot more, as I know that raising money for such a great charity as the Motor Neurone Disease Association, potentially raising funds that could one day help there be a cure for MND will keep me going.

Happy Birthday, Dad…


I saw this today on a card ‘Loss leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love, leaves a memory no one can steal’. Do you run for a charity?

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