Five Things Friday #6…

Five things Friday #6 is here! But before I share I need to just apologise to @thischapruns as I shared that he was running Manchester Marathon in my last post, but it is actually Southampton Marathon! I am blaming jetlag, but who knows…. sorry!

Here are the FIVE things that I have been doing/using/found this week that I think are worthy of sharing.

National Running Show

This weekend sees the running world take over Birmingham. I LOVE race expo’s read here and here. I have not been to the running show before, but I am expecting it to be like the London Marathon Expo. Are you going? Who are you most looking forward to seeing? I will be there on Sunday, probably not until the afternoon as my daughter will not miss Junior Parkrun!


Since coming back from Australia my sleep has been really erratic. I was also starting to get frustrated as I haven’t been getting up early to go to the gym as I was just so tired. So I started to read about sleep – I am now really keen to read the book by Matthew Walker, ‘Why We Sleep’.

Sleep is so important and all the broken sleep of recent weeks has just taken its toll on me. Hopefully, by next week I’ll be back in the gym, but for now, if you want to read more about sleep, I like this article from

Marathon Talk turns 10

I know I have mentioned this podcast previously, but it has just turned 10 I thought I would just give it another shout out. If you haven’t listened to an episode try the birthday episode now.

Instagram Post

I love this post from @simplysuzys on influencers.

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The brutal truth about ads. Gulp. Influencers get a lot of hate for doing them. And not a lot of love for how much freaking time they spend NOT doing them. If influencers wanted to, every single post and story could be an ad. They could go full Greys Anatomy and run and ad for every five minutes of content. But they don't, because they love and respect their communities more than the money. ⁣ ⁣ Most influencers got into Instagram and showed up for years, adding value day in and day out with zero expectation of ever getting a dime. Ads weren't even a thing when most started. Me, I've been doing this almost every day for seven years. In the real world if you saw a woman hustling full time to support her family and earn her children's tuition some may applaud her. But often some see that same work ethic in an influencer and are annoyed, possibly even resentful and maybe kinda bitter. ⁣ ⁣ Being and influencer didn't just "happen" to anyone. What you don't see is the hours. Thousands of them, spent building community, working hard to add value, to master a craft. Making friends, giving support of strangers. Hours spent getting better at writing, at photography, at learning how in the crappp to help those in our community. Worrying about members, pouring in to people they will never meet. Being on their phone more than a freaking iPhone tester. Anybody else work part time for free for years? ⁣ So, I hope when you see a #ad you won't be annoyed. That you'll appreciate it maybe like a well thought out commercial from a woman who has built trust offering up pieces of herself. And who has built something worth being paid for. ⁣ ⁣ I'd love to open up a discussion on what influencers can do to help change the stigma around ads?

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It is an interesting read, as people do seem to resent influencers or feel jealous etc. But if these people were in sales in an office no one would think anything of it. What is your take on this article? Let me know in the comments.


If you need a positive account to follow, I suggest you follow @runningmrjones. His poems are amazing and so inspiring.

So that’s it for Five things Friday #6. Any articles that you think need sharing, please send them my way.

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