#extramile ambassador training day

When I was asked to be an #extramile ambassador back in January,  all I thought I was doing was adding the hashtag to my tweets and promoting the  use of the #extramile timeline. All good, then they put on a training session for us today at St Mary’s University, with Martin Yelling coaching. Excellent I hear you say. Exactly what I thought for all of 30 seconds, before I thought ‘oh no!!’ I put the thought of it to the back of my mind, but then this morning the ‘oh no’ fears were all back. 

I met two of the other ambassadors last night, and they were lovely. We had a nice meal, discussing all things marathon, but when I then listened to the times they were aiming to complete the marathon in, I started to dread the track session today! I was going to be the slowest, and by quite a long way!! There was a split second when I thought ‘I don’t want to do this’. But then my motivational head started to speak, ‘this was an amazing opportunity’, ‘there always has to be someone last, so who cares it’s me’, ‘I might actually really enjoy it’…..

So with my #ThisGirlCan head on a headed to the track. I think the amazing weather did help me with my positivity a little.

The three of us that stayed over, met with the other ambassadors and Martin Yelling, for the first session which was a Q & A. Everyone was so friendly and relaxed, by the time the track session started I really wasn’t worried about being at the back. 

We looked at pacing, which I soon discovered, I have absolutely no idea about. I really need to start tuning in to my body and being able to feel what marathon pace is like. We also completed 3 minutes of marathon pace then 3 minutes of threshold x 3. Thresholds are NASTY!

 It was great training on a track, with other runners AND with a coach. No having to look at my watch to think about time, no wondering where to run, just focus on running. I was, as expected the slowest, but the other ambassadors were so supportive. Is there another sport in which the other competitors are SO supportive?

After the track session,  we had lunch and then another session on nutrition and race day. All in all, I loved the day! What do I take away from it?

  1. I need to slow my long runs down, so my speed sessions are better quality.
  2. I don’t need to be busting a gut to fit in 4 runs a week. I think I might be better doing 3 better quality sessions,and using the other session for Strength & Conditioning and/or stretching!
  3. I need to sort out my diet (I’m actually bored of hearing myself say this!!)
  4. I need to lose weight!!’ Not only will it help me with my running (my poor body has to keep dragging around a lot of extra baggage),  but I would feel ALOT better if I didn’t dread seeing the photos taken, as I know I’m just looking hideous!!

Tomorrow I’m all set for the Surrey Half Marathon, with some additional miles tagged on. So with that in mind, I need to get some rest. Good luck to anyone racing this weekend. Thank you to VirginMoney, Martin Yelling and the #extramile ambassadors for such a great day!

If you are running London, just go to extramile.co.uk and set up you own timeline. It’s a great way to keep your journey to the start line all in one place.


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