Early riser…

Today was the first day that I completed my run, pre-work. I remember training last year, and I managed to complete quite a few early morning runs, some were actually run commutes. This time round, this hasn’t quite happened! The thought of setting the alarm any earlier than 6.20am is a ‘NO-GO’, until today.

My legs have felt quite tired and I wanted an extra rest day after my slower than slow plod that took place on Tuesday. So at 5.35 AM this morning, my alarm went off. I took about 5 minutes to talk myself out of bed. I had layed my kit out the night before, so I quickly got changed so that I couldn’t change my mind. I didn’t change my mind, but it still took me another 20 minutes to get out the door!! But I’m so glad I did!


Beautiful morning #nofilter

I had a tempo run to complete, and was apprehensive as to how well it would go. It was too early, my legs were too tired, I’m not built for ANY kind of speed….. BUT actually I really enjoyed it, and I was pleasantly surprised with my pace.


Lap 9 is where I took the above photo!!!

Next stop Kingston Breakfast Run………

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