Day 2 complete….

Just a quick post, as I am determined to keep a record of my training and journey! So I decided to go with the Women’s Running Magazine beginner plan, which meant Monday I was cross training for 30 minutes and stretching! I’m not sure if it was because I thought it was an easy session or what, but the 30 minutes cross training felt SO hard!! I did 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the elliptical machine, no real resistance or intensity, but lets just say I couldn’t wait for it to be over!!

Today was back to running, but a threshold training session. I have played about with speed before in sessions but nothing really planned, so this was all new!! I did 15 minutes warm up, then 3 x 4 minutes at threshold (well I ended up doing 4 x 4 as set up my Garmin wrong!!!) I didn’t set any pace, just went on feel and was so pleased that when I looked at each of the 4 minutes they were all around 8.52 minute/mile pace!! Pretty consistent which was really pleasing!! And on another positive note I learnt how to programme my Garmin!!

So day 1 & 2 complete and its now time to celebrate Christmas – not sure if I will run on Christmas Day – it’s not in my plan, but I really like the idea of it!!! Do you run on Christmas Day? Merry Christmas everyone, Enjoy!

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