Chicago Marathon Training – Week 7 & Week 8

The last two weeks have been a little hit and miss. I have been running in lots of new places and experiencing lots of new things. I did have the majority of week 7 written, but didn’t get round to posting. Sorry for the longish post, but here is week 7 and 8 together!

Be warned this week had me all out of sorts and this is a wart and all blog so sorry for the TMI! Marathon training isn’t all glamour!!

If you haven’t caught up with all the other weeks training, have a look here.

Monday – Rest day

I rearranged my training days this week and as this was a travelling day, I chose this to be my rest day. It did include a little stretching at service stops as my hips had seized up!

Tuesday – run Session – Av Pace 9:35

This should have been one of the sessions that my coach has sent to me to replace missed club sessions. I was in an unfamiliar surroundings, so headed out with family when they went for their early morning walk. I thought this would allow me to find my bearings and I could complete my session later in the day.

We walked to The Meadows (Edinburgh), which was a perfect park to run around. We ended up running 2.5 miles around it and after a leisurely start, the pace certainly picked up.

The Meadows Pathway
The Meadows

Wednesday – Tempo Run – Av Pace 9:02

I started this one with the ladies again and then kept going and completed the 8 miles tempo. I couldn’t quite hit the paces that I needed too, but i just worked hard to get the 8 miles finished.

Garmin Watch

We parked the car up when we arrived in Edinburgh and didn’t move it until we left. My watch was clocking up some serious steps each day, including a fair few up and down steps too, so I assumed this was why my paces were not being hit.

Thursday – Rest day

Rest day from running, but I still managed to clock 15, 587 steps!

Friday – Mile repeats – Av Pace for Mile reps 8:35

A few drinks the night before, jumping straight out of bed to get this session completed. The weather was WET and I wasn’t sure I would have the time to get the whole session completed. The session was 6 x mile repeats with 3 minutes recovery. I set off on my warm up and thats where it all went wrong. Suddenly I needed to toilet URGENTLY. I headed to the public toilets, but they were locked. Cue, desperate walking to find toilets. TMI, but I was at the stage where I had to keep taking breaks in my walk to cross my legs, I was breathing like they taught me when giving birth and I had the sweats.

I headed to one of the event villages, hoping I could use the toilets there. There were workman all around. I asked if I could nip in to the toilets and firstly they said no, and then one of them said I will open them for you. Great I thought, until he said, actual you can use the staff toilet! It was a small cubicle which one of the workers was standing in to keep warm! Let’s just say, I’m glad i’m not going to see any of those men again!

Slightly lighter, I headed back to the park to complete the session. I didn’t have that much time, so I only completed 3 of the mile repeats.

Edinburgh Fringe street shot
Edinburg Fringe

Saturday – 8 miles easy pace – Av Pace 10:10

8 miles turned into 4.5 mile. We were in the Lake District, the weather was horrendous. The trees were swaying lots over me, the miles path that I was running back and forth on was muddy, with lots of puddles and very close to a river. The toilet called again, so 4.5 miles was going to have to be enough!

Hills in the Lake District
Lake District

Sunday – 10 miles Long Run – DNS

Another long car journey meant that this run didn’t happen. I just hadn’t fuelled or hydrated well, the weather was shocking and I was shattered! I decided to set the alarm and complete this session the next day.

Monday – 10 miles Long Run – Av Pace 9:51

The alarm went off and I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about getting up. But I knew that it was now or never. Luckily the weather was more pleasant, so I headed along the River Tay. I listened to Marathon Talk 500 episode, so looked a little weird giggling at the outtakes.

Dundee V & A
V & A Museum on Dundee

Tuesday – Rest Day

I did think about trying to catch up on my missed session, but it was a busy day with the family, so another rest day it was.

Wednesday – 9 miles Tempo – Av Pace 9:01

My initial thought was to get up early and get this run in before we started the long drive home. But the thought of another solo run didn’t appeal so we made sure we left early so I could be home in time to run with Simon.

We arrived home after 8 hours of travelling at 6:21 pm I was changed and back out the door to meet Simon at 7 pm. I think the manic day meant that I didn’t have time to think about this run, so we just headed off. My legs were heavy and I just knew that it was unlikely that I would be able to hit the new paces that my coach had given us.

Thursday – 800’s, 400’s and relay sprints – Av Pace 8:42

It was so nice to be back at run club tonight. No planning routes, solo running or trying to fit it in. My legs were very heavy and my pace dipped towards the end of the session.

Friday – Rest Day

I needed this SO bad!

Saturday – 6 miles easy

Being back at home, I thought I was going to be back on track with training. How wrong could I be! I woke up with a rash all over my body. It didn’t really hurt, but it was itchy. I got tablets from the chemist, but they made me really sleepy, so this run was shelved! I was’t even sure if my long run the next day would happen.

I was head to toe in this rash – obviously allergic to something!

Sunday – 18 miles Long Run – Av Pace 10:18

5:30am alarm set. I am feeling like I am almost over marathon training. I even found myself saying to my husband that my dream of running all the marathon majors may have to be shelved!

I was lucky that my rash had disappeared, so at 6:20am, I headed out the door. I decided that I wasn’t concerned about my pace, this run was about banking the miles and not completely losing my love of running.

Running Shot
15 miles in and not sure if this is a smile or not!

As the pace was slower, I would have liked it to feel a little easier, but its EIGHTEEN miles, so I’ll make myself happy with it.

Sorry for the long post, I WILL be better next week and get week 9 published on it’s own! Hopefully, it will be a full week!

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